McDonald's Happy Meal - Korilakkuma with Drinks

This is another fun toys from McDonald's Happy Meal promotion and this time around it is our favorite Japanese teddy bear Rilakkuma (Relax Bear or something like that). There are 4 different types from this particular promotion series and today we will look at this Korilakkuma.

The Korilakkuma comes with a bright and gorgeous color combination - the White Bear it is indeed... that face is so cute!!!

The casting, painting finishing and detailing quality is very good for Happy Meal toys standard and I'm pretty happy with it. Nothing to complain about, everything is good, Happy Meal made me happy LOL LOL LOL

There's a big rounded button for us to press in order to enjoy the gimmick provided by this non-articulated figure:

So basically you just need to press that:

And this will happen:

The eyes will change and the "drinks" is reduced, something like that, maybe this video can explain better:

Overall, this is indeed a gorgeous and fun toys and the offering from the current McD Happy Meal promotion is certainly one of my favorite so far. If you are a fan of Rilakkuma, I'm pretty sure you would love to get this as well. I'm keeping this forever LOL LOL LOL...




  1. I would wish to see this kind of toys in the Happy Meal (Cajita Feliz) of the local McDonald’s, but no, no, no, they tend to offer only items from western franchises and that sucks most times !!!... This Rilakkkuma Series is delicious !!!... I would love to have the entire set, the character design and color scheme is really cute and the quality, yeah, is really good compared with the average Happy Meal toy... I kind of feel envy of you at this very moment, LOL !!!... =D

  2. Man, they don't have it here. I have a friend who adore Rilakkuma. I would certainly get one of those for him if my local Mac has it. Those are so cute and further more comes with simple gimmicks. Kudos to you for having them!


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