Hot Wheels Pagani Huayra Roadster 2017

This is the 2017 Pagani Huayra Roadster produced by Hot Wheels under their regular series of HW Exotics with the local retailed price that keep on increasing in the past few years which now become RM10.00 (around SGD3.00 / USD2.60 / EUR 2.10 / GBP1.80 / JPY 280) per unit, though they always have this promotion of Buy 2 free 1 but if the rest of the cars are not interesting for you, then why bother spending extra for things you don't like... right? These Hot Wheels were made in here (Malaysia) but that doesn't mean we get it any cheaper.

However, we must move on and look at this model...

First, the typical standard packaging:

And now the car out of that packaging:

The color is not really my personal favorite though I can accept it as it, it's not bad it's just I would prefer a brighter color like red or white or yellow and if I want it dark, might as well if it's black. Even so, the casting seems to be quite decent and Hot Wheels did a decent job at detailing the car without unnecessarily using those flame or thunder or what ever weird looking decals - plain and simple as it is, I love it!!!

The interior detailing is exactly what we could expect from Hot Wheels at this scale, it's not perfect but somehow a decent replica of the actual on a small budget though they try to be creative by using red colored almost transparent plastic which I don't like, I think I will change the color to black next time but I can live with this red for now.

Overall, I think this is quite a decent representation of Pagani Huayra Roadster given the scale and the price category. We always have our own personal wish list of what if Hot Wheels do it this way, that way and so on but credit where it's due - this is quite decent and despite my few complains, I love it. Due to age factor (LOL), I don't often buy Hot Wheels cars (or any other toys) nowadays but once in a blue moon, if I see some decent models that captured my interest, I will grab it but I definitely not hunting now.

Side by side with the original Pagani Huayra which I got in 2013 - it's been quite a long time since I grabbed another Huayra.

With the rest of the so called "luxury European sports car" from Hot Wheel that I have in my safekeeping over the years, not many really - I missed a lot of them but it's OK. It's better to be grateful with what you have then regretting those that you lost or couldn't get.

Side by side with my favorite, Ferrari 458 Spider:

And lastly, a little bit of fun with some simple photography stuff. I still use real camera (Panasonic Lumix GX-1 with the standard kit lens) because I love playing around with all the Manual mode settings and I still love doing it the old fashion way: camera > memory card > card reader > PC > processing > upload to blogger.

Nowadays, this is considered daunting by the younger generation (and perhaps most of the mass population) as they prefer it quick and easy using their mobile phone camera - nothing wrong with it, it's a matter of choice and convenience but if you like camera and photography, there is nothing compared to using real camera and the so called "daunting" process.

If you happen to still read blogs and this post, as a rhetorical question - How many of you have abandoned your "real camera" (be it simple consumer and/or advance camera system, mirrorless system, DSLR etc.) and just stick to mobile phone camera instead nowadays?



  1. So, I wasn’t wrong about my suspicions regarding the price of Hot Wheels in the countries were its factories are located; it’s quite ironic that you cannot have the so vaunted fare of US$ 1 in Malaysia, where most of the production for this brand is done =/...

    The Pagani is a beautiful exotic car, albeit not precisely my kind; yet, I must agree that the work of Hot Wheels on this model is decent and there were a few improvements between the molds of the coupe version (previous) and the spider version (recent)...

    Now, regarding your question, I must be from the old school, because I still prefer a real camera (digital) and a tripod for the pictures of my blog, the result is way more satisfying and well, I still think that is more important your talent than your tool in order to get great pictures !!!... =D

  2. A nice body contour, I meant the car... hehe.. the design is very ahead of time and well suited for the filthy rich and famous. The translucent red interior is very befitting and are those small markings at the rear signatures?


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