Star Wars - Kylo Ren

Just a few years ago... well, about within the range of 10 years ago which is not really long ago really, we can get easily get those 3.75 inch Star Wars action figures (as well as the others from various movie and series etc.) that comes with good articulation point - on the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and maybe some on the ankle as well on top of the usual head/neck part (turn the head/neck to the left and right or backwards if you crazy enough) but then again suddenly the power of the dark force added with greed become stronger and Hasbro decided to create another segment for the same product and in Star Wars case the call it The Black Series and since then all we got is this....

Today I will review the Kylo Ren figure, probably the only one that I want the most considering the fact that I mentioned above.

This is the packaging, the normal retail price in here is still the same SGD 19.90 (about USD 14.80 / GBP 11.00 / EUR 12.50 / JPY 1,670) though I eventually grabbed this figure with a decent 30% discount during the recent clearance sales. It comes with the light saber and some what ever stuff that never exist in the movie and most of the times we don't care about it anyway.

OK, I throw away that useless piece of extra stuff that we don't care about and this is now the figure out of the packaging:

The detailing is quite good and as it should be, Kylo Ren don't wear much fashion accessories on his body like Darth Vader did, the costume is pretty much as simple those hot dog that you can easily buy from the corner of the street.


And then the articulation... which is not much at all, basically this is the best that this figure can do and almost all of the rest of similarly sized and priced action figures produced by Hasbro recently suffer the same fate - unless of coz for those in The Black Series or what ever name Hasbro for the other price segment which eventually comes with higher price tag. Eventually, this is one of the main reason why I slowly started to lost interest with action figures from this segment because they were simply better last time and now they are quite shit!!!

You can remove those cover to make this figure look less feminine.

"You're just a child with mask".... says the ugly Snoke!!! And oh, he is dead for eating too much french fries in The Last Jedi.

The light saber which is important for me, nothing to complain about it, it's quite decent indeed:

Well, that's about it, not much really we can do with such limited articulation, if you want better, get The Black Series - says Hasbro.

Eventually, Disney bought the whole Star Wars franchise from George Lucas for USD 4 billion and it has to be said that Disney want to make sure they get their money back and they must make handsome profit out of it - the sooner the better - nothing wrong with that, nothing personal, it's only business - you need to make money, plain and simple.

Thus, that also means Disney will muscle through all possible ways to make money of out of Star Wars and toys merchandise through Hasbro is one of the way and likewise, Hasbro is probably being pressed by Disney to pay higher royalty fee or anything alike which means Hasbro themselves need to be creative in looking after their profit and benefit and by using their prowess in the toys business, this is what happen now - The Black Series...

Overall, with the 30% discount, I think this is quite a decent action figure though I certainly don't like to pay the actual old price of SGD 19.90 for such figure. Nothing to complain about this figure apart from the poor articulation point. If you can get him with great discount, I believe no harm to grab this figure but if you want something slightly better go for The Black Series.



  1. The Force is kind of weak on me when it comes to get Star Wars merchandise and not even Darth Vader or Darth Sidious, for that matter, with all their dark power, could make me spend my hard earned money in these items LOL... Fortunately !!!... But, I think they are making a good job with some of this merchandise and at least this figure has a very good sculpt for its size !!!...

    On the other hand, I haven’t noticed that reduction of points of articulation in these figures and I remember those made for the Marvel Universe Series or G.I. Joe, by Hasbro, of which I have been gotten several and they are actually great in that sense. I guess the more revenue the toy manufacturers and the owners of franchises want, the less valuable features you get in their current products or you must spend more money to get what you deserve... =/

  2. This is nice piece and I see why u have been drawn to the dark side. Lolz. Real badazz looking and I’m surprised the hoody can be removed too. Nice details for its size. My poison was with the rebels’ pilot.

    1. I only buy selected main character figures but from time to time if I can find the other minor character figures at an extreme clearance/discounted price, I don't mind to get them as well...

  3. Force can make the girl naked ahahahaa :P
    hmm there is also 3.75 black series right ?

    1. Aya, indeed there is which means we need to add more money to get the exciting Star Wars figures.... sigh....

  4. I have TFA version that the hood cannot be remove. Your is the later version I think under Rogue One release. Good that your hood can be removed to see his helmet.

    1. Will go and check out your Kylo Ren.... collecting Star Wars figure nowadays need us to increase our budget... sigh...


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