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Another digirama from Shewsbury Media Production, enjoy...



  1. I didn’t know that Snow White had such an outlandish taste for food (or that she were so gluttonous), but what does look familiar for me is that "KB fried pie", which is very similar to a snack we call here "arepuela", made with wheat flour, eggs and seasoned either with salt or sugar... I’m curious, is that a typical malay snack ???

  2. Not Malay snack but rather one of those Malaysian snack, from the Bajau ethnic (of Kota Belud district) in Sabah (Borneo), Malaysia. It's certainly one of the popular snack in Borneo, ingredients wise, it's more or less like what you mentioned. You probably haven't watch how reckless Snow White was in this digirama = http://www.shewsbury.com/2017/09/digirama-this-is-not-your-meal.html

  3. so they not only produce toothpaste right ? XD since i saw 'Nu skin' I thought this sort of lotion for skin..
    anyway, I was wondering are this gogg and char's zgokk from previous digiramas are robot damashii ?

    1. Aya, yes they have many products, things that make you feel pretty and young again - the so called health and life improvement products... something that Bandai have no interest at all LOL LOL LOL... .as for the Zgok and this Gogg, they are HGUC 1/144 gunpla kit from here = http://www.shewsbury.com/2012/12/1144-hguc-operation-capture-of-jaburo_28.html

  4. Nice unofficial advertising lol.. Your posts sure made me hungry.. no ...no ... I’m not gluttony sinful ?!


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