Digirama - The Greedy Snow White LOL

Just back from settling down with my new job and followed by long summer holiday and gosh, wake me up when September end... So for fun sake and as a starter after such a long break, I decided to produce this short digirama...



  1. Lol Disney Girl don't fall for silly sweet talk :P

  2. and serious note the pictures of this digirama taken by that phone leagoo m8 pro or that just usual out of nowhere "usual" advertisement XD ?

    1. Aya, yes I use the camera of my cheap China phone - Leagoo M8 Pro - and thus I include the free advertisement as a tribute to the company/manufacturer. It's a very decent cheap phone!!!

  3. LOLOLOLOLOLOL !!!... And come to think that this corrosive version of Snow White represents so dramatically well some ambitious women nowadays, that it hurts !!!... LOL XD

  4. So this what we call digirama! Man! What an ironic and twist of fate from a romantic beginning! Lolz


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