Digirama - Curry Puff

I promised to my self that I shall be more productive with this blog even though it's a fact now that not many people read blogs as often as say 10-15 years ago due to the popularity and convenience of social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter and whatever.... but then again it doesn't really matter for me and probably for many of us the usual toy bloggers. We simply do this out of our passion and hobby and it's fun. Unlike many other people, we still capable to handle blogs. We never hoped for fame or money, it's used to be free and we always do it for free but we are happy with what we do and that's what matter most. Nonetheless, another digirama from Shewsbury Media Production, I hope you like it....

As a side note: The picture size and form were modified to fit instagram platform as I published the same digirama through our instagram account as well, we can't beat them, so we join them LOL...



  1. That's a world strongest slam into the puff! Yummy! Guess we are the few surviving toy bloggers around. Just doing the thing we like and care less about the readers count. That's the spirit!

  2. Dennis, we are "The Last of The Mohicans" LOL LOL LOL

  3. I am zgok... did you get inspired by guardian of the galaxy groot XD?
    Yeah few survive even few who tried did comeback in blog but mostly only last few weeks or months(last one I saw tried comeback is Z), I did try track some disappear blogger still somehow yes they did just simply move to facebook or instagram and quite few stop collecting, or change the hobby like chubbybots he is a Lego maniac now on facebook.

    1. Aya, thanx for the info, I did checked Chubbybots blog and it was inactive since 2013. So he is a Legomaniac now LOL... I don't have Facebook though.

    2. His current blog technically a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/chubbybots/ no worries for a page you can peek even without account. I personally think he did better with these bricks than those gunpla back in those days

  4. I have to agree that blogs are less "powerful" tools to create presence and have voice in the virtual lands than some year ago, also that somehow "videoblogs" and "imageblogs"are getting more attention by ordinary visitors... Even people "versed" in virtual media dare to say that blogs will fade away in a matter of few years... But something similar was said about books and printed media, and we still have them among us... Perhaps we’re relics of the virtual world, but since we don’t depend on trends or what’s hot, only in our personal motivation, popularity is not our goal, just to have something to say and show... There will always be willing readers anyway, like with the old good books HEHE !!!... =D


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