Transformers Titans Return - Autobot Teslor and Brainstorm

This is a transformable robot action figure called "Transformers - Titans Return - Autobot Teslor and Brainstorm (Deluxe Class).

I like and watch some of those Transformers series and movies and I do have a few Transformers toys in my collection, I'm not necessarily a big fan of Transformers but I love toys and I can't deny the fact that toys from Transformers series are always awesome and never failed to seduced the inner child in me to get them - especially when it comes to one particular character which is Soundwave, I just love that character and his toys.

Anyway, this is not Soundwave and as I mentioned above, this is Deluxe Class Autobot Teslor and Brainstorm. This particular "Titans Return" series reminded me of long ago when I watch a Japanese based Transformers anime called "Transformers: Super-God Masterforce".

What I like the most about that series is first and foremost it was Japanese and then they have this "headmaster" thingy where the human drivers or owners can also transformed themselves into mecha and then they become the head of the robot - it works like this, the vehicle, for example a car will transform into a robot but without the head and then the driver will transform into the head, they both combined and completed a the robot figure accordingly. At that time, I was just a school kid and I was amazed with that idea, human combining with robot... brilliant, absolutely brilliant!!!

Nonetheless, enough with that nostalgia, let's have a look at this Brainstorm guy, first the packaging:

Out of the packaging, you will get all these - the robot, the weapon, the manual and information card:

OK, let's have a close look at the Brainstorm in robot mode:

I personally feel that he look very decent and I like it a lot and thus I bought it. The detailing certainly reflected the latest technologies and expertise that Hasbro (and also Takara Tomy) have at this point of time, all is good so far, not superior but it's quite good and I like it, simple as that.

The "headmaster" Teslor is removable and transformable into some sort of humanoid robotic form:

This is Teslor, the headmaster:

Not much articulation to expect this is as good as it gets and he can transform to become the head with just one simple step where you basically folded the legs towards the body and that's it. In this small humanoid robotic form, the neck/head can turn left and right, the arms can move a bit from the shoulder part and the knee can bend so he can do the sitting pose - eventually this guy is the pilot of the vehicle mode which is cool and I love that concept a lot!!!

Articulation for Brainstorm robot mode is very good and I have no complain what so ever, these few photos are enough to see his capabilities:

Transformation into vehicle mode which is some sort of mini fighter jet or something like that is not difficult, even an old and slow guy like me can understand the transformation manual accordingly but then again if you want a better guide, nowadays you can always use those videos from YouTube.

The detailing for the jet fighter mode is very good and I like everything that I see, no complain at all. More importantly, unlike many Transformers toys from the previous or others series that tend to be without driver or pilot or operator, in this particular series "Titans Return" they have make it possible. Furthermore, the pilot happen to be the head of the robot and that is simple awesome!!!

As an added bonus in which stated clearly in the transformation manual, we also can get some sort of "alternate option or function" for the vehicle mode:

For this Brainstorm case, you can take out the front part and do something like this:

I really like this "optimization" or additional function thingy, feels like you get more value for your money LOL...

And it doesn't stop there, according to the manual, you can also do something like this:

I don't know what kind of vehicle or fighter jet it is now but I like it, this is so cool!!!

Side by side with what I believe Voyager Class Soundwave from the Fall of Cybertron toy series

And just for fun sake, I took out one of that Soundwave minions and compare the size with the headmaster Teslor in humanoid robotic form:

Interestingly though in vehicle mode, the Brainstorm seems to be in almost equal size and maybe slight bigger than that Soundwave:

Overall, I think this is a very fun Transformers toy for Brainstorm and I like it a lot. Most mecha toys from reputable toy producer companies involved spectacular designing and engineering process especially during the development period and that is why being someone who love toys, I never fail to admire those Transformers toys, I always believe that they have plenty of thinking and designing and engineering process involved and I always appreciate all those unseen technicality behind the scene to make the toys ideas happened and become reality.

If you are one of those hardcore Transformers toys collectors or fans, I believe you will get one of these for sure. As for a "low level toy fans" like me, all I can say is that this is a fun toys, it's cool and I like it a lot - wish I could have more money and buy the others as well (that's the inner child in me talking - always want more!!! LOL LOL LOL)



  1. It’s kinda weird, but I saw some toys of this line not so long ago in local retail stores and they are still available in some of them... I was surprised for the quality of these transformable figures, bearing in mind their size, but I was kind of disappointed by their price tag, which seemed for me a bit too high...

    I mean, due to our high taxes I guess, the price equivalence, not in terms of currency exchange, but in terms of real purchasing power, in USD would be $45 or so... It looks like you’re not the only guy who would like to have some spare money, LOL !!!...

    However, looking at the figure in deep, thanks to your review, I think maybe its features justify, up to a point, its price tag and your Teslor/Braninstorm set is really nice, I love the color scheme in light blue and a grayscale !!!... =D

    1. Frankly speaking, even in our currency this cost about USD21.35 at current rate as our currency is falling down now - this certainly not cheap even for me... but the kids in me is crying out loud wanted to get it and here we are... sigh... would be cheap if we stay with Hot Wheels toys only LOL LOL LOL...

  2. So after combine 5 into giant robots series they making these ... I like the vehicle mode it got pilot too :D I still think these titan return series transforming head looks silly, but I must admit the head details is better than the usual transformers toy..

  3. Head master is one of my favourite series in Transformers timeline before Power Master. I always like the idea of small robot being the brain of the bigger robot and yet be the pilot in vehicle mode. Damn great idea!


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