Digirama - Pain

Note: The last time I produced "digirama" or comic strips was in September 2013, that was 3 years ago and I've been inactive since then but lately I feel motivated to start doing it again and it was funjust like the good old days of not so long ago. This is not a real advertisement for the particular products, we just do this for the sake of having fun with our toys...



  1. ahaha the digirama is back :D and You still haven't lost your "Twist" Touch :D Awesome

  2. Lolz .. that really cracked me! Back in the mood for comic strips and humor. Goodie yeah!

  3. It looks like you haven’t lost the touch, but you used to be more scathing... A bit of caustic humor is essential to increase fun exponentially, you couldn’t fail to put a hussy smile in someone else’s face with a spicy comic strip, it’s like magic, LOLOLOLOL !!! =D


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