McDonald's Happy Meals Toys - Hello Kitty in Space

Recently, the local McDonald's had this new Happy Meals toys promotion with options for boys and girls - the Ninja Turtles and the usual Hello Kitty.

Judging, from the poster above, I obviously prefers the Hello Kitty as they seems to look more masculine than those Ninja Turtles in ridiculous white space uniform or something...

We going to review 2 out of the 4 Hello Kitty in Space toys today, the first is this Hello Kitty Glider:

Out of packaging:

It comes with a gorgeous stickers that you can choose and use, quite generous indeed:

So this is it, the Hello Kitty Glider with his protective mask or glass helmet or whatever that is, it doesn't make much different though, still looks like the usual Hello Kitty LOL LOL LOL:

You can remove that thing, eventually:

And this is the Kitty without wearing those protective glass:

I did use some of the stickers, I couldn't be bother to use all of them though I'm sure they are many kids out there who will gladly use all of them;

This Hello Kitty Glider employs a more traditional approach, it's that wind and move mechanism so you don't have to use battery and you can eventually keep this toy forever and it still works the same 7 years later - great for longevity:

Basically you just wind this thingy over here;

And that will make the wheels underneath the Kitty move forward, simple as that:

In picture, it's something like this:

This short video made using Instagram Boomerang apps should be able to explain more:

Overall, I think this is quite a simple, old-fashion and yet still a fun toys to have in your collection. Considering you get it free with every purchase of Happy Meals (a double cheese burger, some french fries and soft drink) for a mere MYR 7.80 (about USD 1.90 / EUR 1.70 / GBP 1.40 / SGD 2.50 / JPY 198) - this is indeed a great bargain, you get some food and toy, absolutely fun!!!

The next item is this Hello Kitty Orbit:

Out of packaging, it comes with a fun sticker set as well:

This is the figure, it can't stand still on the flat floor surface because there is something at the bottom of the figure that is useful for you to put it on the blue globe thingy later.

So basically you going to plug it into here:

And this is how it will be:

A little bit of close up:

So basically you just need to give a little bit of push at the hand using your finger and it shall turning around like this:

This short video made using Instagram Boomerang apps should be able to explain more:

A little bit of close up look on the jet plane, the detailing is quite decent, nothing great but nothing horrible either:

Overall, the Hello Kitty Orbit seems to be more like a desktop decoration rather than just simply being a toy and nothing bad about it, I actually like it a lot that I put it at my office desk. Something for me to play around when I feel bored at work....

The sculpt quality, detailing and painting finishing are indeed very good, nothing to complain here, remember they comes free with that Happy Meals. I think it's a fun bargain - fun food with fun toys...

They shall happily join the rest of the other Happy Meals toys in our collections...

On the other hand, I did mentioned just now about "longevity" and I would like to take this opportunity to expand more on that issue in this review. I like thses Hello Kitty in Space set because the mechanism of the toys are just those typical old fashion formula, using simple kinetic or mechanical stuff, nothing electronic about it and no battery needed. Apparently, they are some McD Happy Meals Toys that comes with fun stuff like LED lights and some are made to produce sounds - all these required batteries and after a few weeks or months if not years, eventually the LR41 batteries will loose it's power and by then you no longer able to play with the toy electronic gimmick. Now on any other types of toys that you caa buy from department store or toys and hobby shop, you actually can replace the battery hence you can continue play with the toys longer, maybe forever and ever LOL...

However, the McD Happy Meals Toys seems to be made in a way that you will have little or no chances at all to replace the batteries, I guess they view it as a mere toys that will lose it's charm and value in a short time - it is indeed a solid argument. Then again, for some hardcore collectors, they don't actually see these McD Happy Meals Toys as a mere cheap free toys, some collectors eventually do appreciate them and collector being a collector always have this great sentiment towards their collectibles and thus if possible, they wanted to keep the toys forever and ever LOL

This is when at times, some of those hardcore collectors decided to replace the batteries of those McD Happy Meals Toys but judging from my own experience, it can be difficult and messy at times.

I sacrifice this toy for the sake of making an example to support my explanation earlier:

This Minion Toys comes with LED gimmick, use 2 pieces of LR41 battery, so I perform some sort of "surgery" and this is the result:

The aftermath is quite messy, trust me it is not as simple as removing a few screw using those precision screw drivers set, you do need some sort of sharp tools to eventually spread the body and thus you will end up having all those ugly scars:

It is to the point where at the end, I just give up and throw the Minions away because I knew that even after I replace the batteries, the body is no longer as pretty as it used to be, there will be scars of ugly cutting marks here and there - I don't appreciate that at all. I did tried the same on some other McD Happy Meals Toy, there are some of them where I managed to get good results but overall the negatives are more than the positives LOL LOL LOL....

For those of you who had some McD Happy Meals Toy, what are your opinions on this? Do you prefer the old fashion toy gimmicks or do you prefer those electronic gimmicks instead? Do you keep your McD Happy Meals Toys as it is? Do you ever intended or bother to replace the batteries in the hope of playing with the (electronic) gimmicks in the future? Different people with different opinions and I'm not surprise, feel free to share yours at the comment section below....



  1. I also have the Game watch of the MCdonald toy which easier to disassemble and replace the batteries compared to the figure toy as long you have the triangle shape screwdriver of course, but from my experience the one that not last long is the one with wind up gimmick seems the spring is so weak

  2. Indeed, I have received as gifts, some Happy Meal Toys and they are much appreciated !!!...

    I noticed as you, that their construction, special but not exclusively in the more recent offers, makes almost impossible to change batteries or to fix moving parts, without damaging the toy badly...

    McDonald’s claims it’s because the toys are intended to have a short life, but if that were the case, McD wouldn’t allow the use sturdy plastic parts as you can see in any of the toys of the Happy Meals... Rather, I think it’s a matter of licensing and the fact that McD don’t want to see the toys produced for its Happy Meals copied by bootleg toys manufacturers... =)

  3. The Kitty's space edition is somehow unusual. Interesting to see the space helmet actual removable and cool gimmicks. Thx for sharing yr treasure of Mac toys and I find the Pikachu really adorable.

  4. hiiii i am teertha i have all helow kitty


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