Macro Photography V1-2016

Once in a blue moon, I like doing macro photography of small insects or anything alike, a fun hobby it is and one that I enjoy doing though it's not really something that I do on daily or weekly basis but whenever the mood and the time and the opportunity arise, I will certainly go for it.

I am certainly not a serious or professional photographer, probably I'm close to what they called as "enthusiast" but not sure if I really fit within that bracket though I'm pretty sure that I'm not beyond that bracket either. I love toys photography, doing review, sharing the photos and all that and eventually nurtured my interest in macro photography - taking photo of something small - something that possibly hard to see with naked eyes.

My photography tools nowadays is a mere Panasonic Lumix GX1 with the standard kit lens (14-42mm equiv. to 28mm to 84mm in 35mm format), a cheap China brand external flash with the name of "Meike Speedlite MK930II", some close up filters and those macro conversion lens from Raynox - that's about it, nothing spectacular, pretty much basic indeed.

As a matter of fact, it's been quite a long time since I last did this but suddenly now the mood is coming back again and recently I managed to captured some of these:

A very camera friendly Dragon Fly:

In fact this is the first time I managed to enjoy plenty of time taking photos of Dragon Fly, usually and especially those in the woods are quite paranoid that just when you are about to get a little bit nearer to them they will immediately fly away fearing for their life but this one seems to be quite friendly and it stays there till I had enough.

And then somewhere around the wall of the house, I suddenly saw this little spider:

The above spider seems to look decently huge in the picture but there actual size is probably half inches though the legs seems to be quite long enough. Using the peripherals that I had, I someone managed to get the shot as shown above, again it's nothing spectacular if compared to those results produced by the pro photographer of National Geographic but on amateur level I believe this is quite OK and I'm happy with it, that's the most important thing, enjoy and love what you do.

And I also found this tinier little spider at our office building and I can assure you that this one is just slightly bigger than a mosquito and this is when I feel it's quite interesting because I can show to others the actual body of this tiny little spider through my photography effort. Due to the size, this is not something that we can see frequently on daily basis with our eyes.

I hope you enjoy the photos above, I don't know the specific scientific name or from which tribes are those insects came from because for me they are simply dragon fly and spider and that's about it, I'm sure they probably have their own race and tribes, religion or kingdom (LOL) but I just don't know much about it and nothing informative I can share beyond sharing the photos for all to see.



  1. I don’t know either too much about insects, entomologists can put them all the exotic names they want, but for me they are Plane Jane and John Doe insects, that’s it... Except, I guess, that I hate most of them (maybe some colorful butterflies and certain iridescent beetles, are not a bother for me, because they look beautiful in pictures)...

    Macro photography, on the other hand, is always interesting. You can see the world from a different point of view and anything you thought it was simple, actually has a complexity that you hardly can devise... Nice pictures, by the way !!!...

  2. Don't get bitten or you will become spidey!! Lolz. Awesome macro shots.


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