Thursday, July 21, 2016

McDonald's Happy Meal Toys - McDonald’s x Super Mario 2016 (Small Mario and ? Block)

This is "Small Mario and ? Block" from the "McDonald's Happy Meal Toys - McDonald’s x Super Mario 2016" toy series. I don't have all of them because I only interested in 2 or 3 of them and last time I reviewed the "Peach Container" and today we will look at this "Small Mario".

The packaging:

Out of packaging:

Well, this is it:

For those of you (especially the old timers) who have played the classic Super Mario Bros. video games on NES or whatever platform there is, this bring back some old memories of old fashion games, those were the days they said...

Picture from the classic game, basically when you press "Jump" and hit that "? block" something will  appear either a Gundam or a Kamen Rider or maybe just a star LOL....

The small Mario figure is quite, the finishing quality is quite good, nothing spectacular but nothing horrible either:

The "? block":

The mechanism at the rear is quite simple, just a typical slider:

Slide this up and the Mario will also go up, simple as that:

Overall, this may look like a simple toy of Mario and nothing else beyond that but for some people, this bring back the nostalgia of old memories when Gundam have no relation with Ultraman and Kamen Rider is just a Japanese guy who love to eat rice and Voltron is a bunch of robotic Thundercats LOL - all that are nonsense obviously. Actually it brings back the old memories of playing the classic Mario games and that's about it. Apart from that, it's a simple toy, limited edition as they said and it's cheap and it's a nice addition on your shelf.

I'm lovin it says McDonald's...



  1. Star ? I rather the mushroom come out or the flower thing which make mario turn white and throwing something as weapon XD

  2. What an excellent way to mimic the game! Nostalgic ^_^