McDonald's Happy Meal Toys - McDonald’s x Super Mario 2016 (Peach Container)

This is Princess Peach Toadstool from the classic Mario Bros. game series produced by Nintendo in the form of "Peach Container" from the "McDonald’s x Super Mario 2016 Happy Meal Collection".

Originally created by Shigeru Miyamoto, Peach is the princess of the fictional Mushroom Kingdom, which is constantly under attack by Bowser. She often plays the damsel in distress role within the series and is the lead female. She is often portrayed as Mario's love interest and has appeared in all the Mario games to date, including Super Princess Peach, where she is the main playable character.

Nonetheless, back to the toys, this Peach out of the packaging:

Typical of any McDonald's Happy Meal Toys, they are not perfect, on this particular unit there is a bit of scratches at the bottom area but the overall finishing is still quite decent and acceptable, considering the fact that you'll get this toy for free with every purchase of McD Happy Meals.

There is this Nintendo Copyright mark there and a clear statement saying that this is made exclusive for McD.

The casting quality is quite good and almost as accurate as it can be to the actual character.

The size is more or less the same with that Magic Clip Snow White from Mattel, about 3 inches tall or there about.

And as it says in the label, this is Peach Container and thus it is basically a "container";

When you remove that white base you can find the so-called container space there and apparently they give this additional bonus, lovely stickers stored inside the container:

This is the container or the storage space I mentioned about:

You can put some coins or what ever suitable to the size inside it:

As for the stickers, you can put it anywhere you like, I decided to stick them on my Nintendo DS Lite... yes I still have that old gadget and it still works perfectly!!!

Other additional features are those umbrella, you can touch and spin it....

Something like this (it's pretty hard to show it through picture LOL):

Overall, this is a pretty Peach Princess figurine with storage container as an add-on LOL. The "McDonald’s x Super Mario 2016 Happy Meal" collection is a timeless classic and definitely a collector’s item. If you are a big fan of the classic Mario Bros. series then I guess you would like to add this princess into your collection, simple as that.

You can watch the video below to learn more about the other items from this toy series;

And last but not least, a little bit of group photos with the rest of our McD Happy Meals Collections, we don't have much really, just a few of them that we like the most;



  1. In the present videogame series , most people would go for the main character (Mario), who happens to be the most popular in this "patriarchal" game... But I know about your weakness for pink items and a pink Peach Princess, looking so girly, cute and stylish, surely matches you taste !!!...

    Actually that’s a good looking toy, nice to display and the paint job is quite precise, specially for the standards of the Happy Meal Toys... I’m loving it !!!... (sorry, that’s a copyrighted slogan, LOLOLOL)... =D

    1. Come to think of it, even my Nintendo DS Lite is pink as well LOL LOL LOL...

  2. Don't know much as I never play newer mario games(latest version would be the super Nintendo one and maybe the mario kart at local arcade lol)
    the kidnapped princess -_- once rescue her in every final stage, she turn out just a fake transform into small monster.... crap ....


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