Welly NEX Model - Lamborghini Gallardo

I'm not really a hardcore fan of Lamborghini die-cast scale model but having said that I don't deny that some of the Lamborghini models looks great I like them. I think Lamborghini car is one of a kind, often push the boundary of creative design in automotive engineering. I view Ferrari as an artistic engineering with typical aristocrat Italian tradition while Lamborghini as something modern engineering elegance and innovation. No doubt that Ferrari are as popular as they should be but one shouldn't forget Lamborghini when it comes to Italian automotive topics. Anyway, it doesn't matter what I think, you may have a totally different opinion, to each it's own, let's move on.

The Aventador was my first Lamborghini, originally it was in white color but I repainted into silver (or is it grey?) now...

Followed by this Reventon...

And then later the Veneno...

Finally (though accidentally), I found this Gallardo recently and after scrutinizing it for a while, I decided that I must grab this and a happy man I am...

This is a 1/60 scale die cast car model of Lamborghini Gallardo, one the best selling models from the maker within the 10 year period. The name Gallardo is derived from a famous breed of fighting cock, I mean bull LOL. You can read more about the history of this car from Wikipedia link below:

I don't know much about the die-cast manufacturer (Welly) though I've seen many of their products (die-cast car scale models) at our local hobby and toy shops but I never bought any of them, this is certainly the first for me. This "Welly Die Casting Factory Limited" has been in the scale model business since 1979 and their recently built factories, just a few years ago, are located in Guangdong Province of China with over 3000 workers. Impressive!!!

You can visit their website: http://www.wellydiecast.com/ to get more information about their products.

The price is quite cheap indeed, for a mere RM 8.90 (about SGD 2.96 / USD 2.10 / 258 Yen) and comes with a decent packaging in the form of box style and rubber tires, I think it's an unbeatable deal.

Out of the box:

They did quite a decent job on the decals marking as well as additional detailing work like painted front light/head lamp as well as the rear light/brake lamp.

Engine detailing is as logical as it can be on such tiny scale, no big deal but not horrible either, decent finishing.

The model use rivet, same like those from Hot Wheels, I have no time to do the drilling for now but from what I can see thru the unseal windows, they look decent for such scale.

The rubber tires, I like this, considering the price is more or less at the region of Hot Wheels's price, I think this is a decent bonus features.

Overall, I think this is a very decent Lamborghini Gallardo from Welly of China. I like their casting quality and painting finishing which is not perfect honestly but then again, quite impressive especially when you take into account the retail price of this item. Though I personally feel that orange or yellow color would be rather nice on this car but I have no problem with this plain white.

I managed to have 4 Lamborghini now, wow I'm rich LOL.... nothing great about the quantity to be bragged about but I'm happy that slowly but surely, I get the exact model that I want.



  1. Welly has a wide presence around the world and i have seen their diecast offered in department stores, located in my hometown, since 3 or 4 years ago... The quality in Welly diecast is decent, as you mentioned, but some models are really nice, indeed more than you would expect at this price point... What turns out to be unusual, is the windows box presentation for this fabulous Gallardo; those offered here, come in clamshell and the price is bellow that of Hot Wheels models (around US$1,2), which is a whole bargain !!!... =)


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