Tomica - Suzuki Every Japan Post Van

This is a die-cast scale model of Suzuki Every as a Japanese Post Van.

Now apart from the red color (obviously), I grabbed this model as a tribute to the excellent post office service provided to me and maybe to many other people around the world who have the experience in importing or exporting something to or from Japan. In my cast, I often ordered toys from those online toys and hobby shops from Japan like Hobby Link Japan and Ami-Ami.

This Suzuki Every is actually the 10th generation of the original Suzuki Carry first introduced by Suzuki somewhere in the year of 1963. Many years gone by with so many upgrades and changes here and there, finally in 2001, this Every is born and the rest is history, or so they said LOL LOL LOL....

Nonetheless, let's look at this lovely mini van from Tomica....

So far so good.... or so I believe, the casting quality is quite accurate for this scale while the painting and finishing quality is certainly at high standard that we could expect from Takara-Tomy / Tomica.

They also being generous on the decal detailing, we can see the logo of Japan Post on all sides of the mini-van:

Additional features apart from the usual "suspension" is the openable rear-door:

Overall, this is indeed the typical Japanese "kei" vehicle produce by Takara Tomy / Tomica in die-cast scale model and as always we will get the good casting, painting and finishing quality with some added bonus of openable rear door. Nothing to complain for me, I like what I get as it is and I'm happy with it.



  1. I have not much experience in postal services so far, but I have to say that it has been pretty fine and the items I have sent or received, have arrived complete and undamaged...

    As for the diecast you published, I love utilitarian vehicles and that’s why I have some of them in my collection... It looks nice in red and the finishes don’t disappoint at all, just what you can expect from Tomica models !!!...

    I have seen few of the old Suzuki/Chevy Carry Vans in my hometown and the model is quite familiar for me (albeit all the samples I remember are basically painted in white)... It’s a cute but versatile van, that can withstand the harsh treatment of any commercial vehicle... This Every Van, reminds me as well the Suzuki/Chevy Wagon R+, which also was offered here, some years ago by Chevrolet...


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