Tomica - Honda Fit

This is a die-cast scale model of Honda Fit or also known as Honda Jazz in some markets.

The Honda Fit/Jazz is a 4 door, front-engine, front-wheel drive subcompact car manufactured and marketed by Honda since 2001 and now in its 3rd generation. The Fit is noted for its one-box or monospace with an interior packaging concept enabling a re-configurable cargo volume competing with larger vehicles.

The nameplate "Jazz" is used in Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and most parts of Asia, while the name "Fit" is used in Japan, China and the Americas.

Let's have a look at this tiny little Honda:

Produced by Takara Tomy / Tomica and thus we could expect a very nice casting quality, good painting and finishing quality and the typical boring wheel design added with some fun "suspension" features and as icing on the cake we get the openable rear door:


Overall, I think this is a very decent and well made die-cast scale model of Honda Fit/Jazz by Tomica. Everything is within my expectation and no surprises what so ever.... it is as good as it should be, if you owned or like Honda Fit/Jazz then I guess you would like this scale model as well, simple as that....

A real picture of the car from Wikipedia:



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