McDonald's Happy Meal Toys - Mario Kart 8 Series (Mario)

Recently McDonald's Happy Meal introduce this exciting MarioKart 8 toys series and being a fan of (some) McD Happy Meal toys, we are excited and take this opportunity to grab one of them.

McD's Malaysia website (

MarioKart 8 Promotional Campaign Poster:

The typical Happy Meal Set:

Cheese Burger... I love them!!!

Yes, the toys....

Out of packaging, comes with fun sticker set for you to stick on the toy:

Mario and his Kart car:

So you need to do some fun work with this stickers:

It's pretty easy, the manual is available at the reverse side:

And after just a few moments, it's done!!!

Underneath the chasis you can see the usual trademarking and character name and the manufacturing country, which is none other but China, as always nowadays....

Apparently, in this era of touch screen mobile phone, I still keep my Nintendo DS Lite and it still in good working condition.... and it's pink, a truly masculine choice LOL.....

Looking at this toys reminded me to switch on this thing again and play a little while with the old MarioKart game, after such a long time, it's still quite fun....

Not much to say about the character and the car, they are well known around the world and I believe this toy is a representation from the latest version of MarioKart game, probably on one of those latest Nintendo handheld device. You can turn the head to left or right which is quite sensible considering this Mario is actually sitting in a driving position. There are wheels on underneath the chasis so yes this kart can move forward and backward. I think for those hardcore they might want to collect them all because this is really a limited edition from McDonald's available on certain time period, it's not that you can buy them any days at your local departmental stores or typical toys and hobby shop - thus in that sense, they become a unique type of collectibles.

Overall, if this is a fun MarioKart toy, it's not about absolute perfection or greatness but more about having fun from a simple minimal products that basically comes free with a Happy Meal, you can't get any happier than this - it's basically free!!! You get food, you eat it, you get toys, you play with it and keep it - a simple formula of happiness LOL....



  1. I don’t want to ruin the McDonald’s Happy Meal fame, but the first and only time I put a "big"-mac in my mouth, it was shamelessly small and almost tasteless, not like the burgers made locally or even like other brands of burgers (let’s say, Burger King) [end of the commercial brake, LOLOLOL]...

    While you’re enjoying your nice Mario Kart, here in my hometown, the toys available for the Happy Meal right now, are some plushies based on the Angry Birds franchise... =D

  2. I have the normal version on your game and the Mac version seems more futuristic like a hover board. Who won't love this evergreen plumber ^_^


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