Hot Wheels - 1963 Aston Martin DB5 (Red)

Yes apparently I already have this particular model but then again that one is in silver or was it grey?

Read the review here =

This one though is in red.... and I love red... so much!!! So I grabbed it, simply because of the lovely red color, I never knew that this DB5 looks so sexy in red.... again, I love it!!!

A little bit about the car, according to Wikipedia, the principal differences between the DB4 Series V and the DB5 are the all-aluminium engine, enlarged from 3.7 L to 4.0 L, a new robust ZF five-speed transmission (except for some of the very first DB5s) and 3 SU carburettors. This engine, producing 282 bhp (210 kW), which propelled the car to 145 mph (233 km/h), available on the Vantage (high powered) version of the DB4 since March 1962, became the standard Aston Martin power unit with the launch in September 1963 of the DB5.
Standard equipment on the DB5 included reclining seats, wool pile carpets, electric windows, twin fuel tanks, chrome wire wheels, oil cooler, magnesium-alloy body built to superleggera patent technique, full leather trim in the cabin and even a fire extinguisher. All models have two doors and are of a 2+2 configuration. Like the DB4, the DB5 used a live rear axle. At the beginning, the original 4-speed manual (with optional overdrive) was standard fitment, but it was soon dropped in favor of the ZF 5-speed

Nonetheless, let's have a look at this lovely red DB5:

Same fully sealed interior, comes with the standard British/Japanese style right hand steering wheel:

Real-life picture of the car:

Note: I do not claim any rights on the above image. All copyrights and credits belong to the owner.

Note: I do not claim any rights on the above image. All copyrights and credits belong to the owner.

Side by side with the other model that I have:

Overall, not much more I could add apart from what I said in my previous review on the silver (or is it grey?) colored of the same model, good casting and finishing quality by Hot Wheels and the red color is certainly the main selling point for me. Classic car in red is certainly attractive!!!



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