Hot Wheels - 1990 Honda Civic EF

This is a die-cast car model of Honda Civic EF from the era of early 90's and this car proved to be popular both in Japan and American market and not to forget the Asian market in general.

In the past few years, Hot Wheels really put an extra effort in gathering information, market data and their customers feedback which lead Hot Wheels to produce more Japanese market or JDM related models because those models are quite popular in Asia and some of them are not strangers to the American as well and the money and profit potential is there, a win-win situation for both Hot Wheels and their customers. Though obviously Hot Wheels never intended to be like Tomica or Tomytech of Takara Tomy by producing too many of JDM models but slowly but surely Hot Wheels always came up with interesting and popular models demanded by their loyal customers like the popular classic Datsun, Toyota Trueno AE86, Toyota 2000GT and this Honda Civic EF to name a few.

Nonetheless, let's have a look at this Civic EF....

The size is pretty big, this is not 1/64, I guess it's must be in the region of 1/60 or maybe 1/58 - I'm not sure for sure but certainly bigger than the typical 1/64 though honestly I have no complain with that, slightly bigger size at the same price means good value for my money.

The casting and painting quality is quite good though I have a little bit of complain which I will explain further later on. I'm not particularly prefer this dark color, either glossy black or dark silver - what ever it is, it's not my personal preferences as I tend to like red or at least brighter color scheme. The only reason I pick this one is because this is the only color available at that time so it's either I skip or I grab it....

The interior comes in light grey or silver color and thus it's pretty easy to do a little bit of simple customization:

For fun sake, I decided to paint the seats with red color and due to some mistakes here and there I end up "over-doing" things and thus we got that almost or mostly red interior color scheme.

One of my complain about the interior is that the way Hot Wheels molded the steering wheel, not the best but we have to live with it....

On the outside, my complain in solely focusing on the improper alignment of the rear wheels/tires, it seems to be a little bit at the front side, not properly balanced to be in the middle as it should be.... again, we have to live with this... sigh...

Other than that I think everything else is quite decent on this car and I'm pretty happy that they comes with British/Japanese style steering wheel (right hand).

Overall, this may not be the greatest Honda Civic EF ever on this scale but in general Hot Wheels did a decently good job in producing this model accordingly - well done to Hot Wheels. Though eventually I had some minor complaints on the exterior and interior part of this model but somehow I'm still quite happy with the final product, not perfect bu still quite reasonable than eating a bear meet burger in the middle of hot summer day LOL LOL LOL....



  1. OH, certainly you and i have the same taste (sometimes) and this model was also a no brainer pick recently, since the previous versions had just too many tampos misplaced... i’m planning to make few touch ups (not including interiors) because the work of HW here, was very good (by the way, i’m gonna check the wheels of mine)... it was a sound choice, as you mentioned, these models are not strangers in the west side of the world and i think this particular model was available in my country, probably also in its sedan form !!!... =)


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