Tomica - Toyota Crown Patrol Car

This is the die cast scale model of a Toyota Crown as a Japanese Police Patrol Car produced by Takara Tomy - Tomica. So far I got these few units of police cars so I guess this Crown should be a good representative for Japan and a fun addition into my collection plus I like those Toyota Crown.

I won't talk much about Toyota Crown this time around so let's just focus on this die cast car model of Toyota Crown as Japanese Police Patrol Car;

It's typically Tomica which means the casting and painting job finishing is pretty good despite being minimalist at the same time.

On the front part, there is a a bit of decals to make it looks a little bit like the real one - perhaps;

Another decent detailing and marking on the door side which is a must anyway to stay true to the "police theme";

And the same on the top part, you can see those typical police car's "decoration" thingy;

And this how it looks like on the rear;

Overall, this is a very decent representation of Toyota Crown as the typical Japanese Police Patrol Car. I'm not sure if the Japanese police force consider about "MPG" factor when they selected this model to be one of their patrol car but in general Toyota Crown is a typical gas buzzer though there is a possibility that this particular patrol car might be using diesel and thus they probably can be a little bit economical than their petrol siblings. Having said all those nonsense, there is no further deviation that could change my mind and thus I would say that this is a very decent die cast car model from Tomica with great looks and equally great finishing. It's a little bit of a downer that there is no openable door gimmick but even so it wasn't a deal breaker really...



  1. just because this is a police car, i would like to have one of them in my collection... the fact that regardless of brand, there is always a prolix decoration that hardly you can find in the street version of the same model, is a total plus for me and this Tomica is very nice indeed... =)


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