Tomica - BMW Z4

This is the die-cast scale model of BMW Z4 produced by Takara Tomy - Tomica. In February 2013 I managed to get 1 unit of BMW Z4 scale model produced by Hot Wheels but that one is the "M Coupe version" and seems to be track and racing focused while this one seems to be the more "friendlier version" for the typical city or country road and the motorway, an all rounder kind of roadster suitable for any average Joe, having fun with lots of winds on the hair.

You can read the review of the "M Coupe version" from the link below;

That "M Coupe" looks pretty aggressive but I like it that way for that particular model.

Anyway, let's have a look at this Z4 Roadster now;

It's Tomica and thus it's pretty minimalist and yet it comes with a very good casting quality and equally good painting and finishing quality. It is not at the excellent top notch level but somehow still very decent for a mass produced entry level category.

The wheels is the typical boring Tomica wheels and apart from prominent BMW logo here and there and of coz the prolific "Z4" emblem on the rear, there are not much else to see;

There is no openable door gimmick either on this model but at least (thank God) we can have the option on the roof of this car - we can remove the roof top and display the car as a roadster during a fine sunny day crusing along the beach or we can put the roof top back and display the car as a a roadster at the parking lot outside the pork market LOL LOL LOL...

And since we can removed that "roof top" or the cover or what ever you call it, we can also see the interior of the car but honetsly, there is nothing much to see either inside;

Overall, I like this BMW Z4 from Tomica simpy because I knew that their finishing touch is pretty good that sometimes it can make an average looking car like this to be a little bit more decent and maybe attractive. Not sure if this can satisfy your personal taste but for me, it's a BMW and it's a Tomica -so I like it!!!



  1. not a thrilling diecast, but Tomica offers a neat and precise paint job, also a durable full diecast construction for a decent price (not so decent here, where is offered through fellow collectors starting in US$10 e/o or more)... the removable hardtop is a very nice gimmick in fact, but the interiors are disappointing, just like in must of the Hot Wheels models... overall is still a good replica of a Bimi... =)


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