Siku - Dodge Charger - Police Patrol Car (USA)

This is the modern Dodge Charger as a typical American Police Patrol car, probably this white and black color combination is the most common that always appear in those Hollywood movies or American TV series.

Note: I do not claim any rights on this picture. All credits and rights belong to the respective owner. This photo is used as a reference purpose only.

If you are a fan of American muscle cars and Mopar and Dodge, I believe you know a lot more about Dodge Charger, the history, the popularity and the evolution - thus I wanna skip and go straight to the review of this die cast car model - you can always Google to learn more about this car.

The packaging;

Out of the packaging;

The casting design and quality as well as the painting finishing and materials selections for the additional parts like front and rear lights are all very good and so far I like everything that I saw.

The exterior marking may not be as perfect as the one you see from the real car (picture above) but I guess, the overall look is still quite decent.

This model comes with openable front door gimmicks on both sides, which is quite nice;

We can then also see some of those interiors, nothing spectacular but looks quite OK to me;

The wheels design is quite decent and it comes with rubber tires;

The usual thingy from Siku, a little bit of the car's spec or tech. info printed underneath the chasis which I like a lot as well;

Overall, it is not perfect but somehow a decent representation of the real concerned car. I like the fact that the finishing quality is good and the extra plastic material and rubber tires are a welcome bonus. Maybe some of you is not satisfied with it and I agree that a little bit of improvement here and there will increase the charm of this car but as it is, I don't have much problem with it, I like it.

Side by side with the German Police Patrol Car (BMW 545i) also from Siku;

Now we add the British or is it UK Police Patrol Car (the Mitsu Lan Evo) from Tomica;

If you are one of those who love to collects police cars, then this can be a good addition in your collections.



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