Siku - BMW 545i - Police Patrol Car (Germany)

This is a die cast car model of BMW 545i as a Police Patrol Car in Germany produced by Siku.

The BMW E60 is the BMW 5 Series automobile, replacing the BMW E39 in 2003. It was replaced by the BMW F10 in March 2010. The E60 was available in both sedan and station wagon (E61) platforms. The BMW M5 is the high performance version of the range, and was one of the highest performance sedans on the market. From 2003 to 2005 the 545i was the top of the line 5 Series model. It used the N62B44 engine (4.4 L V8- 333 hp). It was replaced by 550i in 2005.

Nonetheless, let's have a look at this die cast car model;

The packaging;

Out of the packaging, let's have a look at the exterior;

The casting design and quality as well as the painting finishing is quite good though I guess the such silver color make this car looks a bit "normal" if not dull but the exterior detailing on the other hand is not poor, I like the fact that they use plastic parts for the front and rear lights instead of just using decals or paints. The BMW logo on the front side there seems to be nice.

However, on the rear side, I do have one confusion, I don't know why the heck they put that thing at the back there? I'm not sure if this a standard for German police but its quite weird to use this car for any towing related works LOL - probably who ever parked their car in a "no-parking zone" the police officer who happen to use this car can just drag those car out or something like that LOL.

This model comes with openable front doors on both sides;

The interior is quite OK, I can see that Siku somehow tried their best to replicate the LCD monitor somewhere in the middle of the front dashboard there - not perfect, quite adorable;

As usual from Siku, they will include a little bit of techinical information or spec of the car underneath the chasis - quite nice to have that simple info no matter how little they seems to be;

The wheels design is the standard that we could expect from Siku and as always they includes rubber tires.

Overall, this is a decent representation of German Police Patrol Car BMW 545i from Siku. The casting, exterior detailing, painting finishing and interior style is quite good and I 'm happy with them. If you are one of those who love to collects police cars, then this can be a good addition in your collections.



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