GreenLight - Exclusive Figure Multipack

This is a tiny scale figurines that you can use to compliments your die cast car model collections or you can use them as additional items for any diorama project. Roughly, I estimate that they are quite compatible with those die cast car models at around 1/64 to 1/55 scale. This item is produced by GreenLight.

The packaging;

Out of the packaging, you will get all these figurines;

As stated in the packaging, this should be the "Businessman";

This should be the "Delivery Man";

This should be the "Police Officer" though the color green is quite funny, I'm not sure which country really have police officer wearing such green color uniform - this guy looks more like a "security guard officer" to me hahahaha...

This is the "Seated Man";

This is the fat man LOL.... I mean the "Vacation Man" - he is quite fat though!!!

And finally, "Waving Woman" - what ever that means;

So to try them out and to find out their compatibility, I tried to mixed them with several types of die cast car models from various manufacturers;

First with the GreenLight Chevrolet Chevelle;

Next, with the Plymouth from Hot Wheels;

Next, with the 1/64 Honda NSX from Kyosho;

Next, with the 1/61 Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 from Tomica;

With 1/64 Honda Civic and Toyota Crown from Tomica Tomytech;

With 1/64 Honda S2000 from Tamiya;

With the 1/64 Nissan Silvia S15 from Aoshima;

With the Mazda RX-7 (FC3S) from Jada Toys, I think this is at 1/54 or 1/54 scale.

With the Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) from Jada Toys, I think this is at 1/54 or 1/54 scale.

With those gorgeous HWPS van from Hot Wheels;

With the Japanese Post Office mini truck from Tomica;

The seated man with the "Japanese noodles mini truck" from Tomica;

The fat man LOL, I mean the vacation man buying some ice cream from an ice cream produced by Hot Wheels;

The lady try her luck as well hoping to get some ice cream;

Lastly, the police officer in green uniform with a Dodge police car from Siku.

Again, the police officer in green uniform with a Mitsubishi Evo British police car from Tomica.

And if you happen to have those diorama set, you can do something like this;

The security guard is doing some "checking" LOL;

Now he is looking at those guys doing their job hoping to learn some new tricks from them LOL;

The lady is asking how much will it cost if she want to install super charger into her Mini Cooper LOL;

Overall, this is quite a good product GreenLight and certainly caters the need of those advance collectors who happen to have those diorama thingy but in fact even if you don't have any diorama project or stuff what so ever, these figures are still nice to have to compliments your die cast car collections at corresponding scale accordingly.



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