Tomytec TLV-SM 03 - Datsun Fairlady 2000 (TLV-SM03)

A few months ago we reviewed the Tomytec Tomica Limited Vintage - Nissan Caball Snake Motors Company (TLV-SM04) and I did mentioned on that review that the so called "Snake Motors Company" do exist in Japan but I don't know much about this Snake Motors but apparently this company or brand is quite popular in Japan. You can check out their website as below;

And in addition, you can also view many of their videos from Youtube, this is one of them and you can find the rest from there;

Anyway for now, I have another items from the same series produced by Tomytec with the same theme, same box design, comes with the same 1/64 scale figures though the vehicle this time around is different and certainly more interesting - at least for me;

This is the "Tomytec TLV-SM 03 - Datsun Fairlady 2000 (TLV-SM03)" - first the box;

Out of the box, you will get all these - 2 figures represent the 2 guys you in the video above, the car and the additional accessories that you can choose to make the car as a coupe (hard top) or as a roadster;

First and foremost, let's have a look at the car - Datsun Fairlady 2000 (SRL311/SR311) at 1/64 scale die cast car model;

The casting quality and the paint job finishing as well as all those exterior and interior detailing coupled with those lovely decals and marking are absolutely brilliant - this is certainly one of the best I've seen from Tomytec.

The front lights are made of clear plastic parts, the "Datsun" marking is clearly visible on the front as well and that grill looks very nice;

The wheels design is the typical retro or classic design, I find no fault at it, it is as it should be and the rubber tires is a great bonus;

Even on the rear/back side, the detailing works is exquisite;

The interior detailing is probably one of the best I've ever seen on a 1/64 scale car with the same price range, they were nicely presented and make you almost believe that this seems to be the same like the actual car interior. Well done, Tomytec, this is simply breath taking!!!

As I mentioned earlier, they provided 2 additional parts so you can chose to display this car as a hard top coupe or as a roadster - both looks great for me though I tend to like "roadster" mode more but the hard top is not a push over either - you may end up having difficulties to just choose one of them as both looks great actually;

This is the hard top coupe version;

This is the hard roadster version;

A little bit about the car from Wikipedia;

The introduction of the 1967 SR311 and SRL311 saw a major update. Produced from March 1967-1970, the SR311 used a 2.0 L (1,982 cc) U20 engine and offered a five-speed manual transmission, somewhat unexpected for a production car at the time. The first-year cars are most-desirable today as there were just 1,000 to 2,000 produced and are unencumbered with the emissions and safety changes introduced in 1968. The new SOHC engine produced 135 PS (99 kW; 133 hp). An optional Competition package included dual Mikuni/Solex carburetors and a special camshaft for 150 PS (110 kW; 150 hp). In Australia there was no emission restrictions and all 2.0 litre cars were fitted with the Competition package as standard

The Datsun 2000 was lauded as a bargain sports car. The main reason for its production was for racing to build the Datsun image. It was raced by John Morton, Bob Sharp and others. Its sticker price was lowest in its class, but it won its class in C Production (Mikuni-Solex carburetors) and D-Production (Hitachi-SU carburetors), in SCCA racing on a consistent basis even after production stopped.

And now the 2 human figures at 1/64 scale representing the 2 characters from the video above;

Overall, this is a very good representation of Datsun Fairlady 2000 in either hard top coupe or a roadster.
As I mentioned earlier, the casting, painting finishing, the materials, the decals, labels and marking all are in top notch quality and with that you could feel that this scale model is a little bit more special and the one your heart will hold dear. I am totally impressed with the quality and the good looks of this item and I believe Tomytec really deserve my high praise and appreciation on this particular one.

As for those 2 human figures - I can always make the best use of them by putting them at my "Tomicarama Used Car Dealer" diorama set - it's always good to add in more staff LOL;



  1. SUPERB !!!... this diecast is above the Tomica Limited Vintage standard which is already high end... it’s incredibly detailed, the touches of paint in the interiors are very delicate and improve the realism !!!... although i would prefer a color, other than the white, is not a big deal and i love it just the way it is... the accesories are lovely and the Tomicarama is absolutely gorgeous (what a pity that a diorama by Tomica, like that, would be too expensive to consider it... you’re very lucky to get it at a kinda affordable price) !!!... =)

  2. Nice one a vintage set and the 2 human doing gangnam syyle dancing LOL


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