Dream Tomica - Initial D AE86 Trueno

This is Dream Tomica - Initial D AE86 Trueno from the popular Initial D manga and anime series originally written by Suichi Shigeno.

I wont talk discuss much about the series, you can just click the link or Google around to learn more about it and for now let's have a look at this 1/61 scale die cast car model of the popular "hachi-roku".

The box;

Out of the box;

Let's have a look at the car model closely;

So far so good but the moment you look at the rear end... this is where it's kind of disappointing, at least for me - there is no decals or labels as it should be at the rear - those lazy bastard in Tomica probably either just lazy or they don't bother at all;

Several months ago prior to the released of this model, we managed to see the preview of the prototype thru YouTube and clearly as you can see from the screen shots taken from that video, there suppose to be some little decals for the label/marking at the rear but there is none on the actual finished products... sigh

Moving on, there is also missing decals/label/marking on the front side here.... again another disappointment for me personally - the one from the video certainly looks much better;

The wheels design however is quite good, I'm happy with it;

The signature marking of "Fujiwara Toufu Shop" on the door of the driver's side is there as it should be, looks perfect to me;

There is this openable doors as additional feature and also the usual "suspension" gimmick from Tomica;

Thus we can see the interior though it's pretty hard thru the camera lens but overall it's almost the typical interior that you can see from the usual Tomica line up.

Unlike the regular Tomica series, this "Dream Tomica" is made in China and it is clearly stated there that the scale is 1/61.

Side by side comparison with the same car model from Hot Wheels (yellow) and the 1/64 scale from Aoshima (red);

The one from Hot Wheels seems to be a bit bigger and muscular - make it looks like quite a though guy who went to gym 4 hours per day though he may have erection difficulties issue to deal with;

The one from Aoshima at 1/64 scale seems to have a little bit more decent casting and somehow though by just a little tiny margin, I think the one from Aoshima is almost accurate in terms of proportion though the one from Tomica is not that bad either;

Side by side with the bigger and more detailed version of the same car produced by Jada Toys, I think the big one is easily at 1/50 scale or around there about;

Overall, this is quite a decent representation of the popular "hachi-roku" (86) from Initial D manga/anime series. The painting quality is very good and it is exactly what we could expect from Tomica while the wheels design is very pleasing though the lack of decals/marking/labels on the front and the rear part of the car especially if compared to the "prototype version" made me feel a little bit disappointed. Apparently the demand for this model is extremely high that most online hobby shop can't fulfilled their customers demand and thus after the initial September 2013 released failed to meet market demands (on quantity), Tomica have decided that there will be a restock of this model in November 2013 so for those who missed this item now, you still have the chance to get it by end of November or early December - while stock last!!!



  1. Man, the lack of rear decals you've pointed out is really quite disheartening for something that costs as much as Tomica Dream diecasts. Looks like the rear turn lamps are non-existent too.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I agree they could do better in details but for this I find it's decent enough.

  3. recently, i watched carefully some diecast trucks by Tomica of a friend of mine (collector as well) and guess what ???... i have changed my opinion quite a bit about this brand and i want to get a few for my collection (only trucks, of course)... indeed i saw a truck you already published, but in person, and it’s awesome !!!... it has diecast body/chassis and suspension, i love’em !!!... this Trueno is a bit more detailed than the normal series, but hearing about its price, i don’t think it would be in my wishlist anyway... =)

  4. Cool stuff :v seems the detail not as expected but hey this still a great item to have :D


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