Tomytec TLV-129B - Toyopet Crown Taxi

This is a die-cast scale model of Toyota Crown Checker Stripes Taxi or rather "Toyopet Crown Taxi" produced by Tomytec.

The casting, painting finishing and exterior detailing are all in good quality.

Overall, not much more I could say about this model, everything seems to be in good quality and I'm happy with it. I'm a big fan of Toyota Crown car series from Toyota and I have reviewed almost similar taxi in the past thus nothing new to add but rather I would say this is a compliment to my existing Toyota Crown collection.

With the rest of the gang - my Toyota Crown collection so far....



  1. it’s weird, but this model reminds me the Fiat Polski (a.k.a. 125) a compact sedan very popular in Europe and the countries of the former U.S.S.R... obviously the Crown is bigger, but the overall design is similar... this red taxi looks better than the yellow one... the front detailing is the best achieved !!!... someday, when i grow up, i will get my own Tomytec !!! LOLOLOLOLOL =D


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