Transformers Generations Deluxe - Thundercracker

This is Thundercracker transformable (of course it is since this is a Transformers toys) action figure produced by Hasbro.

According to this page = ;

Thundercracker claims the skies as his arena. He looks down in contempt on those who cannot leave the ground — he considers them lesser beings. He will often attack the flightless beings below him for no other reason than to satisfy his scorn.

His superiority in this realm is the only thing he is sure of. Thundercracker is not entirely committed to the Decepticon cause, and even has some seemingly contradictory sympathy for the humans they terrorize. Fear of retribution from Megatron and the influence of his peers is usually enough to bury these doubts. Regardless, he needs constant reassurance from Skywarp and Starscream (which occasionally take the form of threats) that he's where he needs to be. Sometimes, his heart's just not in the job.

Now I'm not really an expert or hard core fans of Transformers but I love their toys and this one is certainly looks so delicious that a toy lover like me would surely love it immediately. Apparently, I bought this from the second hand market for SGD 20.00 (about USD 16.00 / EUR 12.20 / 1,598 Yen) - not really a cheap price but for me personally, it is indeed a reasonable price considering the fact that none of the local retailers in here have this item anymore and the only other way to buy this item as brand new if from interet (ebay or Amazon).

So I bought it as it is, no box no manual, just the figure itself but from the moment I saw the robot mode, I just fall in love with this figure and decided to grabbed it immediately. As for the transformation process, it's quite easy as nowadays I prefer to just find the guide from those YouTube videos - there are plenty of them there and it's far more easier to learn it thru video then looking at those manual provided by Hasbro.

So first and foremost, let's have a look at this Thundercracker in his jet fighter mode;

I have to say that the paint job quality on this item is very good, the color selection is just fantastic, this jet fighter mode is simply beautiful. I like it a lot!!!

On the other hand, the detailing is equally good. I don't know much about jet fighter plane but so far I'm happy with what I see.

It's great that Hasbro put that Decepticons logo on both wings rather than just on one of them. Very nice!!!

Landing gear - very nice!!!

The jet fighter plane mode is simply awesome, I have no complain what so ever, it is whatever it is and it's beautiful, perfect color scheme and brilliant paint job.

And now the robot mode;

A little bit of close up to see the detailing;

Articulation wise for a "Deluxe Class" action figure is quite good, nothing spectacular but you get most of the basic articulation and thus you can do quite a number of decent pose. The usual kneeling pose however is way too much to ask for this class but somehow we tried and this is the result;

Well, he can't quite do it but then again he can still pull of some other nice action pose as below;

The primary weapon is these twin missile launcher;

It has the usual gimmick of press the button and shoot em up thingy....

So this is now the Thundercracker complete with his weapon mounted on his shoulder, I guess this is the original way to display him with his weapons;

Apparently there is a little bit of issue (at least for me) when you attached the weapons on his shoulder - that is when you try to do this pose, you need to make a little bit of adjustment on the wing part;

Thus, I personally prefer to attached the weapons onto his hands like this;

With this configuration, I have no problem with that wing at the back when I want to do this pose;

Now this pose just looks so cool - I like it;

In fact it is not so bad anyway even if you throw away the long missile thingy and let him have a "shorter gun" like this;

Overall, this is a brilliant action figure of Thundercracker. The overall looks and features both in jet fighter plane and robot mode is simply awesome. They are not perfect but then again this is the "Deluxe Class" and for the price I think it's pretty wonderful. I have no complain what so ever on this guy, it's beautiful, perfect color scheme and brilliant paint job, simple transformation and it's fun toy. I have to say also, I like this classic G1 face better than the movie version - the classic face is certainly handsome while the movie version is certainly an ugly alien version.



  1. that Thundercracker looks sweet !!! the Generations Series has some of the most interesting TFs version i have seen, a great balance between G1 and the latest releases... the second market is a good source for us, actually i got some of my collectables in that way and i don’t regret it... sometimes is the only way to get the stuff you want and if the deal is with a fellow collector, the item is usually in mint/near mint condition for a fraction of the original price... =)


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