Transformers Bot Shots Battle Game - Optimus Prime

Unbelievable but true, due to the 50% discount I ended up buying this item only for the sake of to get the trailer part for my other project in the future.

Anyway, let's have a look at this kids toys... this is Transformers Bot Shots Battle Game - Optimus Prime.

From my own observation, the sales of this series is not that great as many retailers are struggle to clear their stock and now most of them are offering this item at 50% of it's original retail price. I think maybe because the main target audience for this series is younger kids and unlike adult collectors who have the purchasing power, the younger kids are depending on their parents, so if their parents don't want to buy then they wont get it, simple as that. The problem is, at least in our country here, most of the toys are bought/collected by some teenagers and many adult collectors including an old farmer like my self.

The packaging;

Out of packaging - the vehicle mode - a trailer truck in some kind of "cute" deformed mode;

Not much I can say on this one, I'm not a big fan of this kind of deformed mode thingy but it seems to be quite decent as a toy.

You can detached them like this;

And this is the front part of the trailer;

I think the detailing and painting job finishing is quite decent.

And now the robot mode - Optimus Prime;

The Optimus Prime seems to be OK, it doesn't do much apart from standing there like that like a short retard guy. Not much to expect, it is Optimus Prime at the size of an AA battery.

Now let's see the trailer gimmick;

You can open them up and transform them into whatever it is, like this;

You can put the Optimus Prime there standing like a short retard guy with some extra cannons around him;

And ultimately, transformed back the Optimus Prime into his vehicle mode and put it there;

Now with this configuration this trailer become a "launcher" - so you need to press that thing there;

And vroooommmmmm the truck will move forward fast and furious;

Eventually the moment the truck hit something or if and when it hit something....

It will automatically transform into the robot mode again;

Tada... the back to robot mode again...

The only other features you can play around with this robot mode is the chest part, it's a triangle thingy, showing the status or statistic of this Optimus Prime;

Overall, for an adult collector, I don't find anything interesting on this item but for the younger kids, I think they will like this toy unless of coxz if they have a more fun Transformers video game on their i-Pad. The painting job is very good, the rapid and simple spring-based transformation process is a good idea (at least for this segment). This can be a nice Christmas gift for kids who can't afford a better Optimus Prime. As for me, I like the trailer part and I think someday in the future, I will find a better way to use it with my other toys.



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