Star Wars Transformers - Darth Vader Star Destroyer

I celebrated my birthday last Saturday and apparently this is a birthday gift I bought for my self since the price is very sweet @ SGD 30.00 (about USD 24.00 / EUR 18.00 / 2,270 Yen) and on top of that the shop gave me a free movie ticket since I'm the "lucky customer" of that day.... so yeah, if I minus the ticket cost of SGD 7.00 (about USD 5.50 / EUR 4.20 / 530 Yen) that means I got this item for a mere SGD 23.00 (about USD 18.30 / EUR 13.70 / 1,740 Yen) - now that is wonderful!!!

Anyway, let's start the review now, this is Star Wars Transformer Darth Vader Star Destroyer produced by Hasbro. Apparently this particular toyline (Star Wars Transformers) is not that successful and everywhere around the globe the sales is not as good as Hasbro expect it would be. Oh well, crossover can be successful or fail sometimes - it's never easy but certainly it's unique.

This is the box and judging from the box I guess this is equivalent to those "Leader Class" in real Transformers line up;

As you can see from the picture on the box, this Star Destroyer in vehicle mode can also transform in to Jedi Cruiser ship and in robot mode it can either be Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader - in theory it's very cool.

So this is now the first vehicle mode - Star Destroyer;

As you can see from the pictures above, the casting, the sculpt and the detailing works is pretty amazing. Hasbro did a great job on this Star Destroyer. As for the painting, well it's that is the color as in the movie so I guess that's it, they did it right, no complain for me, I like it a lot.

Some fun features - if you press this button;

There will be some lights and sounds - I think its the engine sound of this Star Destroyer though they are not that loud anyway;

This is the rear view;

Another fun features - the shooting missile thingy or what ever it is;

And there is tiny LED lights and sounds as well... fun...

This is how big this Star Destroyer if compared to the usual 3.75 inch Darth Vader action figures from Hasbro.

OK, now let's have a look at the other vehicle mode, the Jedi Cruiser ship;

The same fun shooting gimmick available on this one;

Size comparison with 3.75 inch Luke Skywalker's action figure from Hasbro;

And now the robot mode - first the Anakin Skywalker;

As you can see from the pictures above, it's obvious that this robot mode have difficulties to really stand properly and thus the thing I hate the most about this robot mode.... sigh... Eventually you need to use that thing at the back as some sort of support or the 3rd leg in order to make him able to "stand" accordingly. The main problem is that heavy thing at the back. So yeah, as much as we are excited about the "transformation" but the end result is pretty much "half assed" - which means not good.

I tried my best to somehow do some action pose but not much I can do really;

And these are the weapons - the 2 blue light sabers are for Anakin Skywalker robot mode and the red flame saber is for Darth Vader robot mode;

Some action pose with the weapons;

Oh yeah, they even suggested a shield but honestly it tend to fall down easily - again not good and I don't see much point or reason for Anakin to use such dorky looking shield;

A bit of close up look of the Anakin Skywalker robot mode;

And again, we have the "try me" button features where there will be LED lights and sounds - some lines by Anakin from the movies, no big deal - ironically, why the heck they put that button right on his (supposedly) penis LOL;

And next is Darth Vader robot mode;

Oh well, I'm sure you can see from the above pictures - this Darth Vader have problem to stand properly and he need those thingy at the back to support the weight of his back..... pretty sad, but that's that, not much I can do....

Again, all the weapons;

This is the Vader with all the weapons;

 A little bit of "action pose";

A little bit of close up look on this Darth Vader;

And yeah, not to forget the fun features on his penis, just touch the penis if you want to have some fun LOL... that sounds so weird right?

The result is the usual LED and voices of Darth Vader including his breathing voice;

Overall, the vehicle mode Star Destroyer is very good, I like it a lot, the Jedi Cruiser I don't fancy much. The robot mode are not as great because they can hardly stand properly. Other than that the design of the robot mode is OK, I like it and the transformation process is simple. If you buy this for the robot mode you might be disappointed but if you want this for the Star Destroyer then it should be OK. Anyway, I will modify this item and I will upload the result of my modification work soon.



  1. uhmmm interesting figure !!!... i’m not much in the Star Wars move, but the fact that this figure has 4 modes of transformation is something you don’t find so easily... great detail everywhere, i hardly like the lights and sounds, but is something usual in this kind of figures... now that you mention it, i think that the main reason these figures are not as successful as they "should" be, is because most of the Star Wars fans (the hardcore) are very, very old school, old fashioned so, this is not their kind of stuff... =)

  2. it looks horrible as vader or anakin but 4 modes that's pretty awesome


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