1/144 HG Perfect Strike Gundam

This is 1/144 scale HG Perfect Strike Gundam from the popular Mobile Suit Gundam Seed HD-Remastered anime series. This is basically Strike Gundam with all 3 of his Striker pack attached to him at the same time. In the past, we've seen many fans/modeller who did the same on their Strike Gundam GunPlaMoKits, kind of unofficial version and probably Bandai did take note of it and finally now they released the "official version" of Strike Gundam with all the stuff and simply name it as "Perfect Strike Gundam".

Come to think of it, the last time I really work on a GunPlaMoKits was about almost a year ago and none since then, I guess I'm not so much into this GunPlaMoKits hobby anymore, I guess maybe I'm just more into action figure nowadays, getting older, feel lazier...

Anyway, this is the box;

All the stuff for you to start with...

And after several hours of hard work, this is the result;

I was hoping that this will be a completely new HG Kit but then again I was wrong (too much wishful thinking perhaps) and I'm quite disappointed with the Strike Gundam because it is basically the same from 10 years ago, maybe Bandai did a little bit of modification but not much really. I don't like the fact that we have to use lots of stickers on the body of this Strike Gundam.

A little bit of close up look;

Anyway, the articulation is quite decent, this usual kneeling pose is not a problem;

And you can do quite a number of other attractive pose that you can think off....

Now, let's have a look at the Striker Pack, starting with the Aile Strike Pack;

A new addition  this time around is this thingy on the side (both sides in fact) so that you can attached the Sword and Launcher;

And of coz another addition that we must mention is this battery pack, the GAT-X105 is a power hungry Gundam and use plenty of battery power and thus if you attached all the Striker Packs together, the demand for power will be tripled;

The usual weapons and armaments associated with Aile Strike Pack is the beam rifle and the shield;

Look's good - feel so Gundam;

Though eventually this should be the perfect way - together with the Aile Striker Pack mounted on his back;

And of coz, beam saber, you can't have it without the Aile Strike Pack;

Bandai did not give any read beam saber parts for this HG Perfect Strike Gundam, they did the same when they first released the HG Aile Strike Gundam many years ago. Instead, Bandai just give us 1 right hand holding a beam saber, molded as one, all in white - quite ugly. I throw it away and the one I use for this review is from other Gundams.

And now we attached both the Sword and the Launcher onto the Aile Strike Pack;

This is now the "Perfect Strike Gundam";

For the Sword Strike Pack especially, Bandai did a great job by giving us almost all the fun stuff we could do with Sword Strike Pack though the quality have to be adjusted into "High Grade" level which is not bad at all.

First this "Panzer Eisen" rocket anchor, mounted on left forearm, can be fired out on a line;

And then this "Midas Messer" beam boomerang, mounted on left shoulder of Sword armor;

 And of coz the mesmerizing "Schwert Gewehr" 15.78 meter anti-ship sword;

And finally now the Launcher Strike Pack that comes with "Agni" 320mm hyper impulse cannon, mounted behind left arm with unknown power rating but in general it is one of the strongest cannon ever attached on any mobile suits in the Cosmic Era. In addition it also comes with combo weapon pod (120mm anti-ship vulcan gun, 2 x 350mm gun launcher), mounted on right shoulder.

A little bit of extra shots for the Perfect Strike Gundam;

Overall, though I am quite disappointed with body parts on HG Strike Gundam simply because it is basically the same with the one from the past but the other "Perfect Strike Gundam" weapons that comes with this kit, namely the Launcher Strike Pack and Sword Strike Pack seems to be compensating my disappointment. The Sword Strike Pack especially are very good and you get all the parts and gimmicks you should get from it and with that I am very happy with it though the missing beam saber is another story of disappointment but then again this is HG kits and Bandai wont bother to make it really great as they have other better products offered in MG 1/100 scale and RG 1/144 scale. The choice is there, you just have to pay for it.

So at the end I have a mixed bag reaction but the overall feeling is I'm still happy that at least I managed to completed the work on this kit accordingly. Oh well, I love Strike Gundam more than any other Gundam so yeah, of coz I somehow happy with this.



  1. yeah no improvement on strike itself other than the "anime color" i think :( but i think the boxart is cool ^^


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