1/144 HG Blu Duel Gundam Shewsbury Custom

A friend of mine passed this GunPlaMoKits Blu-Duel Gundam to me in an almost complete (built) but horrible looking conditions with cutting marks left over here and there and some missing part, absolutely horrible.

I think he just lost interest or give up and decided to just throw this away to the rubbish bin but instead he passed it to me.

So I do what I can do though I know I am not a master or something who could work a miracle on this kit so I just do a little bit of finishing touch, cleaning up here and there and spray some top coats and this is the result;

The articulation is quite good, the usual kneeling pose is doable;

The armors can limits certain movement but somehow if you are creative enough, you can find the way to do other pose with this Gundam;

A little bit of close up look;

I like the 2 units of M7G2 retractable beam gun, mounted on forearms as the primary weapons of this Blu Duel Gundam. A very fun concept;

You can now start shooting here and there.... bang!!! bang!!!...

Very fun, reminded me of those cowboy movie....

The M443 "Scorpion" mobile railgun, mounted on right arm;

Eventually I throw away the shield part as basically there is no way for you to use the shield on this Gundam anyway.

The other weapons now are the 2 units of ES05A beam saber, mounted on legs;

Overall, this is not perfect and certainly not how the Blu Duel Gundam should be but given the situation I'm in with this kit, I guess this is the best I could get and it's not that so bad anyway and thus I named it instead as Blu Duel Gundam Shewsbury Custom - what ever that means LOL....



  1. this one is also my favourite...and you know what? I got mine from my friend who got bored with this kit lol


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