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This is Transformers Dark Of The Moon CyberVerse Battle Steel Optimus Prime produced by Hasbro though eventually this is specially for the Japanese market and thus there is a label of Takara Tomy on the packaging as well.Optimus Prime is indeed the "main" face of Transformers and over the years he still the most popular icon of the series and its only normal that they are so many versions of Optimus Prime toys have been released by Hasbro and Takara Tomy. This guy is the same like that RX-78-2 Gundam who have been around long enough and their producer seems to have great faith in him thru thick and thin.

I wont say much about Optimus Prime anymore, let's have a look at this action figure...

The packaging;

I bought this Optimus Prime together with the Sentinel Prime and Megatron and to my surprise, there is no transformation manual included in it. Not that it's super important to me as eventually with all the internet and technology we have now, I prefer to just peep at YouTube if in case I need guidance on how to transformed a Transformers toys coz those manual from Hasbro is not that great anyway. Much easier if you learn from those YouTube video. However, imagine if somebody bought this to someone who do not have access on internet and YouTube, those young kids for example, it can be problematic right? I guess this must be due to some packaging error or quality control issue - somebody forget to do their job properly.... sigh

Although out of packaging, the Optimus Prime comes in robot mode but for this review, I like to do the vehicle mode first and focus on the robot mode later. So for now, let's have a look at the vehicle mode - his usual semi truck form.


And this is the weapons, basically in robot mode this will be his sword and gun though in vehicle mode he become what ever it is supposed to be.

Apart from what you can see from the packaging, you can attached this weapons in a variety of whacko different way as you pleased, something like this;

Or maybe this;

And how about this;

And another one;

Lastly, how about this one;

Personally for me, I just prefer Optimus Prime in vehicle mode with this simple looks;

Looks more "real" this way, I don't like to put all those fancy stuff but then again, this is just my personal taste.

The vehicle mode looks very good for it's price. Nothing spectacular and nothing overly terrible either. I like it a lot and my only complain is that there is no visible "Autobots" logo appear on the exterior part which is a disappointment. They should put some logo out there somewhere, at least one if not two but this is not a deal breaker at all. It is still a good looking OP in vehicle mode.

Now the robot mode;

A little bit of close up looks;

Articulation is quite decent, nothing spectacular but it can do quite a numbers of pose. We try to do the usual kneeling pose and this is the result;

And again the weapons;

According to the packaging, this is their suggestion for how we should equipped this OP;

I personally don't really fancy the above, that shoulder mounted blaster cannons, feels a bit like Soundwave. I think if we put both blaster on his hands it would look more normal, something like this;

On the other hand, you can also try something like this if you want;

So if you have all 3 of them, Sentinel Prime, Megatron and Optimus Prime, you can do that final battle from the movie;

A side by side comparison between all the 3 of them;

Basically the transformation for all 3 of them are quite easy but if I have to picked and ranked them accordingly, Megatron would be the easiest, followed by Optimus and Sentinel.

This is now my favorite configuration of this Optimus Prime;

Overall, this is a very good representation of Optimus Prime at this price range and all those extra weapons is a welcome addition. The painting and color scheme is a little bit darker on this Optimus Prime but I don't think its a problem at all, you can somehow see the primary red and blue color on his body and that is simply Optimus Prime no less though it can be interesting if we can get a pink version of Optimus Prime as well, something more girlish, more "Barbie" or "Hello Kitty" type. I think that would be more awesome. At the price we paid for (discounted/clearance price in fact) SGD 10.00 (about USD 8.10 / EUR 6.30 / 832 Yen), this is a very sweet deal not to be missed.



  1. i think they put the bigger effort in the robot mode which is actually the best in terms of detail... the accessories are pretty fine for me and the QC for the three of them is quite good !!!... as you, i think as well that the lack of Autobot logo is a big mistake and nowadays that the pad printing has evolved so much, they could even put the original flames... =/ however the figures are great and the price is even better !!!... =)

  2. Lotz of details for a pocket sized toy and good articulation.


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