Transformers DOTM CyberVerse - Megatron

This is Transformers Dark Of The Moon CyberVerse Megatron produced by Hasbro though eventually this is specially for the Japanese market and thus there is a label of Takara Tomy on the packaging as well. Despite not being a hardcore fan of Transformers series, I do like Megatron and I think he is one of my favorite villain of all time. He is simply a bad ass bad guy boss and even though he don't like McDonald's Big Mac burger like I did, he is one cool bad ass boss, way much better than that Loki from "The Avengers" movie.

The packaging;

Out of the packaging, apart from the action figure, you will get all these, basically all of them are in Japanese language. Basically the transformation manual, some relevant products brochures or advertisement and a character card. I'm not sure if you get the same (probably in English language) if you buy the typical Hasbro version (for US and/or international market excluding Japan).

Although out of packaging, the Megatron comes in robot mode but for this review, I like to do the vehicle mode first and focus on the robot mode later. So for now, let's have a look at the vehicle mode - its a "Mack Truck" with a some sort of military color scheme.

I think the design, detailing and painting finishing of the vehicle mode is very good, considering the price bracket. I'm happy with what I see, this is a nice Mack Truck carrying oil or water tank (or probably those toilet waste LOL).

Now the robot mode - Megatron the meat lover carnivore LOL...

A little bit of close up to see the detailing on this robot mode;

I think the robot mode is quite decent. I personally dislike the overly long arms, reminds me of those monkey or chimpanzee with long arms. The legs and foot parts seems to be a bit funny but that's the way they designed it so considering the cheap price of this item, I guess we shouldn't be too harsh in complaining. Want a better one? spend more money and get the bigger and better one... simple as that.

Articulation is quite good though nothing spectacular. We try the usual kneeling pose and this is the best he can do which is not that bad at all;

Doing action pose with Megatron is way much easier if compared to the Sentinel Prime.

The weapon, this tank basically is the weapon after some simple transformation process;

This what you will get - 2 large cannons;

And this is how you put them on both of his hands.... doesn't looks so elegant though but not much you can do, this is it;

You can also combined those cannons and put it in any hand/arm that you preferred;

Overall, despite my few complains here and there, this is still a very good representation of Megatron in the CyberVerse series with a friendly price. Transformation process is a whole lot easier and I love it a lot. The Mack Truck mode is very nice addition to one of the many forms of Megatron that we have seen over the years while the robot mode is as bad-ass as he should be. I'm happy with this one.



  1. this time, they did a better job on Megatron than on Optimus Prime for the vehicle mode... a truck would be something you wouldn’t expect for Megatron, but being an ultimate version for a movie, they did it and it’s awesome !!!... a Mack truck as the bad guy is pretty badass !!!... this one looks really good in both modes with a lot of detail and nice paint job... =)


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