Sega Toys Home Star Darth Vader

This Homestar Darth Vader Planetarium produced by Sega Toys, released recently in April 2013.

The Homestar Darth Vader Planetarium follows on the heels of Sega Toys' other bestselling Star Wars planetarium devices, beaming incredible projections of the stars and constellations onto the ceiling of your room/home.

This one is of course modeled on the iconic helmet of Darth Vader, and you can also spot a TIE fighter flying among the stars too. 

It's super simple to operate: Vader's helmet just pops open on the top, allowing you to enjoy the spectacle of thousands of stars and the Milky Way. Like Sega Toys' other Homestar planetarium models, the "starscape" has been designed by planetarium maestro Takayuki Ohira.

The original retail price is 6,000 Yen (about USD 59.00 / EUR 45.00 / SGD 73.00) but I thanks to my connection with some Japanese, I managed to get this with 50% discount.

So let's have a look at this item - first the rounded shaped packaging;

And now out of the packaging, the Darth Vader head;

The battery compartment is at the bottom, this thing needs 4 pieces of AAA-sized battery. The ON/OFF slider is just around the corner from the battery compartment.

This is the adjustment wheel though I don't understand what adjustment that it does...

And on top of the head you can see the light or bulb cover;

Just flip it up like this;

So I put this thing in the middle of my bedroom, switch off the light and then I can see all the stars on the ceiling of my bedroom, you can also pointed it onto your wall.

It's pretty dark so it's kind of challenging to do this absolute dark photography without using any flash assistance, this is the best result I can get - just click to enlarged them - that is basically what I saw on my bedroom ceiling;

Overall, this seems to be quite a cool stuff though it's nothing overly spectacular actually. The 50% discount that I get is probably the main reason why a farmer like me tempted t get such item but all in all, I kind of like it, it's cool. I guess if you are a big fan of Darth Vader, then I guess you may like this item. I like Darth Vader despite the fact that he is one of the main villain in the Star Wars Episode 4, 5 and 6 movies simply because when you look at it from my perspective, Anakin Skywalker a.k.a Darth Vader is probably the only "Jedi" ever to have sex and get married... even the great "Master Jedi" like the green shorty old fart Yoda, Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi never knew the taste of pleasure of making love with women. So this Anakin or Vader certainly have the balls of steel and he is indeed the true representation of "human character" in the movie.

More information about this product from the link below;



  1. very, very interesting collectible man !!!... a toy with a touch of science and it totally has to do with the character himself... also your pictures of the planetarium in action are very well done !!! =)

  2. The novelty of the item is kind interesting. Make good display with your figurines too!


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