Marvel Universe Comic Series - Captain America (Toys R' Us Exclusive)

This is an action figure of Captain America from the "Marvel Universe - Comic Series" produced by Hasbro that comes with a light up action/display base exclusively for retailer Toys R' Us. The original retail price of this item when they first appear on the shelves of Toys R' Us is SGD 54.90 (about USD 45.00 / EUR 34.00 / 4,370 Yen) but recently as the stock is getting less, the price dropped to SGD 29.90 (about USD 25 / EUR 19.00 / 2,385 Yen) and I believe this price is quite decent and thus I finally grabbed it now after such a long wait - sometimes being a late adopters is not that bad, you may miss some great goodies but nothing beats cheaper price. As a side note, I redeemed my "Toys R' U" card points and I got SGD 10.00 vouchers so at the end I just paid SGD 19.90 (about USD 16.00 / EUR 12.00 / 1,590 Yen) for this - a very sweet deal.

Anyway, let's move on with the review... first the box/packaging;

I do like Marvel superheroes but I don't think I really wanna collect them all unless if the price drop to half from whatever I am paying now  ^__^

Anyway, for those hardcore collectors, good luck with collecting all that you can see from the picture below;

So, out of the box, you will only get all these stuff;

This is the action based with lights effect powered by 3 units of AAA size battery;

You just need to press this button;

And there you are.... now the base have lights - though it only lighten up for around 5 to 6 seconds the most;

Now, let's have a look at the figure - Captain America;

From my personal point of view, I think his ass is a little too meaty - in other words a little fat LOL...

A little bit of close up look on the detailing and sculpt quality;

Articulation is very good, there are several pivot points on the head/neck, shoulder, arm, elbow (though noting on the wrist), chest, pelvis/hip, knee and lastly on the ankle. This usual kneeling pose is not a problem for this Captain;

The traditional trademark of the Captain, the American flag themed shield, at the box/packaging it says "Attack Shield";

And here you are, the Captain with his shield - looking strong and patriotic;

Let's try a little bit of action pose;

Eventually, I wanted to get the Captain America from "The Avengers" movie toy series but I can't find it any longer from many of the local shops here - I guess I just missed it but then again, the cheap price I paid for this item compensate my disappointment - at the end, I'm still happy with this one, at least finally now I have my Captain America;

And now we can try to imitate this scene from the movie "The Avengers";

And this is what I can came up with (obviously the typical with Shewsburian style);

Not perfect... but that is the Shewsburian style.... LOL

Now it's time to put the Captain on that action/display base;

Apparently, we can also put some other Hasbro figures onto that action/display base (obviously) and for now let's put the Black Widow and the Iron Man there;

And maybe this guy as well (isn't he supposed to be in the team as well?);

The 3 of them looks great together;

The top part of our display shelf is now dedicated to display Hasbro action figures and somewhere at the corner I'm pretty sure you can see those "Avengers";

Overall, this is a very good typical 3.75 inches action figure of Captain America from Hasbro and the light up action/display base is a very good accessories to have for such action figures. The paint job, sculpting and finishing quality of this action figure is quite good while the articulation doesn't disappoints unless of course if your expectation for such action figure is extremely high. The original retail price SGD 54.90 is never my cup of tea - I'm glad I waited so long for the discount and in a way I'm lucky coz this happen to be 1 out of the last 2 Captain America figure available from this particular toy series from our local Toys R' Us or rather we usually called them as simply TRU.



  1. another version i have not seen here (mainly because Toys R’ Us has not subsidiaries in my country) and i must say that is really sweet as you mentioned !!!... even the packaging is different from the regular line and the display base with light is very nice (though not so eco-friendly)... as usual, is a great figure from the Marvel Universe line and for sure one of my favorite characters... =)

  2. wow in the end you get him for nice price that S$54 ridiculous price for 3.75" :D


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