The Chinese Wedding Figure Collection

Today I wish to share about my "other hobby" and that is collecting these gorgeous Chinese wedding figures. The main reason I like them is simple, first and foremost the red color and secondly they simply gorgeous!!!

The price for this particular figure is pretty cheap - SGD 4.50 for a pair (about USD 3.70 / EUR 2.80 / 328 Yen).

This is the groom;

This is the bride;

Together they made a happy wedding couple ^__^

Despite the cheap price, the finished product is pretty nice. No complain what so ever from me.

I just love those red theme..... LOL

And then I have another set but this one is basically a couple seating together on a sofa, the price is the same - SGD 4.50 for a pair (about USD 3.70 / EUR 2.80 / 328 Yen).

I have to say though that the overall quality of this pair is not as great as the above as I can see some minor painting inconsistencies on certain area but it's not really a deal breaker.

More fun to combined them together;

Somewhere at the corner of our living room - this where I display them;

In addition to that, recently I also bought some additional stuff to further improve the display and I bought all these cheap stuff (all that you see in the picture below cost me just SGD 9.00 (about USD 7.30 / EUR 5.50 / 655 Yen)

Of coz some effort is needed to make it "perfect", so I do a little bit of this and that as below;


A little bit of white glues is needed;

And this is the final result..... I love it!!!!

Overall, I personally feel that this is a fun stuff to do especially as "break" from those typical "toys" stuff which I did on weekly basis. The red color theme suits me very well as I love red color so much and I think this can be a decent wedding gift for some friends or relatives but I never plan to give this away LOL....



  1. cute mini-statues !!!... i would never expect you to collect this kind of stuff... i mean, seriously LOLOLOL... the work in the extras for display it’s worth and improves quite a bit the appearance... =)

    1. LOL LOL LOL Chris, I am full of surprise as always hahahaha

  2. You did a diorama for your wedding doors! Lolz... It's really nicely done and the deco are awesomely auspicious! I have some wedding stuffs displayed in living room, mainly those received as door gifts when attending friends' big day... Sometimes, I don't know what to do with them. Hee! Hee!


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