Revoltech Takeya - Jikokuten

This is Revoltech Takeya - Jikokuten sculpted by the sensei Takeya Takayuki (Takeya is the family name).

In Buddhism, Jikokuten literally means “Guardian of the Nation". He is "Keeper of the Kingdom" and "Protector of the World". As the Buddhist protector of the eastern quarter, Jikokuten is similar to the dragon of Chinese mythology. The colors & symbols associated with Jikokuten vary according to country and sect. In general, Jikokuten is associated with the element of "East/Eastern, strength, spring and water.

The box:

Out of the box - you will get all these;


First, let's have a look at the figure:


The "Jaki" or demon as the display base - one of the familiar trademark of "Takeya Buddhist Statue" series;

The extra hands and weapon - some sort of spear:

Let's have a close look on the figure:

I'm not a Buddhist by all means but I can truly appreciate the sculpt quality of this figure, Takeya sensei and the team in Revoltech production factory did a brilliant job.

Now, let's do some posing;

It would be great if you have all 4 of the figures in this "Takeya Buddhist Statue" series, you can pose them this way - they all look great as an "Awesome Foursome" or "Fantastic Four" LOL;

Overall, this figure is another great addition to the series. Just like any other figures, personal taste can be a big factor, some collectors maybe will like this and some others maybe have no interest at all. It's pretty niche but for sure we in Shewsbury Land love them all so much!!!!



  1. actually i would be interested in this kind of figures for the same reason you wield: the amazing sculpt... it reminds me pretty much the Mandarin Spawn, a figure by McFarlane with less articulation but better paint job and sculpt... unfortunately i wasn’t as careful as i should and i missed some parts and ruined the paint job, so i donated it to a friend of mine... =)


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