Hot Toys - 1/6 T1000 as Sarah Connor (Part 2 of 2)

This is a direct continuation from PART 1 - see the link below:

OK, now it's time to do a little bit of action pose with all those accessories and weapons;

First, the cigarette;

And now, with all the weapons;

And finally now, this brilliant display base replicating the floor - you wont get the typical/standard Hot Toys display stand for this figure;

A little bit of Arnie will do... LOL...

 They gave that 2 bullet damage metal thingy (with magnet mechanism) so you can attach it onto the body like this making it looks like this "Sarah Connor" is being shot;

If you want to do this pose, this is when the display base can be handy;

Hot Toys also gave this extra head which you could only use if you also happen to have the 1/6 scale T-1000 figure (sold separately of coz) in which I don't have.

Anyway, we can still just looking at this extra head/face and appreciate the brilliant sculpt and painting job finishing on this one;

A few more pictures of this T-1000 as Sarah Connor;

Overall,  I'm pretty happy with this 1/6 scale figure from Hot Toys. In a way, I treat this figure as "Sarah Connor" instead of "T-1000 as Sarah Connor disguised". The sculpt quality on the face is excellent, the hair is fantastic, the painting job is brilliant and the accessories and weapons are all decent, no complain what so ever from me, all is great!!!

You do have to remember one thing though and that is the arms of this figure are made using those "rubber skin" thingy and thus the joints on the elbow is seamless - this make it look great but on the other hand, you can't pose this figure with bended elbow for a very long time because after several years this will damage the "rubber skin" thingy especially on those area where you bend a lot..... I think that is the not so fun thing about this figure. Then again, if you know how to take care of this issue, then I guess, you should be OK with this.



  1. this looks awesome, can't wait see you with T-800 :)


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