Star Wars - The Clone Wars - Cad Bane with Todo 360

Recently during the summer, the local "Toys R Us" outlet have this special summer sales and of the most exciting deal (at least for me) is those Star Wars action figures. The usual local standard price is SGD 20.00 each (about USD 16.40 / EUR 12.50 / 1,300 Yen) but during the special summer sales the price (for certain selected action figures in the series) dropped to an all time low of SGD 8.00 (about USD 6.50 / EUR 5.00 / 517 Yen) - which I believe is a fantastic price!!!!

Nonetheless, let's go straight to the review, first the packaging;

Now, I don't know a single shit about this Cad Bane, in a way I am a Star Wars movie fans and I watched all the 6 movies though I skipped all the animation movies but nonetheless I'm a fan of the series which is a marvelous piece of art works by George Lucas and that doesn't change a fact that I don't know anything about this character Cad Bane.

However, when I look at the action figure and the lovely price, I just thought that this blue face guy is a cool cowboy themed figure plus that little robot Todo 360 is a marvelous piece of added bonus and great value for money.

From what I read in Wookieepedia, this Cad Bane is another one of those bounty hunters whose loyalty is ultimately to the highest bidder and good pay-master.

Out of the packaging you will get all these stuff;

Let's have a look at this Cad Bane;

A little bit of close up look;

Painting finishing, sculpt and detailing quality is very good, exactly what we would expect from the modern Star Wars figure products from Hasbro.

Articulation is pretty good, the usual kneeling pose is not a problem and he can pull of quite a decent of action pose stance without much trouble as well;

This figure comes with a pair of blaster pistols;

And just like typical cowboy style, you can put it into the case on both side of his thigh;

Hasbro also give this mini bag;

I guess this is how you attached it onto him:

Finally now, it's action time;

The Todo 360, quite a gorgeous little robot, apart from moving the head up and down, left to right, not much else the Todo 360 can do but he sure looks gorgeous as a sidekick for Cad Bane;

R2-D2 meet Cad bane and Todo 360;

Overall this is a brilliant action figure of Cad Bane from the Star Wars Clone Wars series. The painting finishing, sculpt and detailing is impressive for a mass produced items while the addition of Todo 360 is a very good added bonus and offers great value for money. I don't know much about this character but as an action figure, this Cad Bane is pretty cool indeed.



  1. I knew abt this character having watched season 2 of Clone War I think when this character and his band of crooks held the senator hostage. Smart villain it seems and smart saving you received. Not so much on the appearance but the figure is highly posable and well sculpted.

  2. uhmmmm in this case we totally agree... i’m not too geeky and the old trilogy was very impressive for me, but the collectibles... well... although this guy is great !!! the work of Hasbro in the latest 3"3/4 is outstanding... i wish this kind of offers were made here, but we’re not that lucky... beautiful figure and cute robot, good deal !!! =)

  3. It is funny how clone war this character stand out more than Anakin and Obiwan. LOL


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