Oppa Gundam Style - Shewsbury Version

If you like K-Pop music, I'm sure you are aware about the recent "big waves" of "Oppa Gangnam Style MV" which become a fantastic phenomenon not only in South Korean and Asia primarily but also in the USA and maybe in some other countries/regions as well.

You can watch the original video clip as below from YouTube.

In my opinion the song/music is kind of catchy but what makes it more interesting is the video and the dance movement which is fascinating and all credits and praise to Psy (the artist) for this brilliant production.

If in case you want to get the translation of the song into English, you can then watch the following video;

On top of that, since this song is so popular now if you search in YouTube, you can find several version of the parodies as well and some of them is surely fun to watch.

Some cool guys from Malaysia made a fun parody by adding "Malaysian/KL flavors" into it and they named the video as simply "KL Style" - it's in English so most of you who understand English should have no problem with the language - watch the video below;

It's up to your individual taste about which one is better, the original and the parodies - for me both the original and the parodies have their own unique attraction though most of them are inspired by the original and obviously made as a homily and tribute to the original version and not about competing with each other coz after all the song and the music video is all about "having fun" simple as that - you don't have to think much about it - it's fun and it's enjoyable and thus we all (or many of us) love it!!!

Inspired by those parodies, I decided to do a little bit of the same but then again all I can do for now is just simple photos using the Gundams and thus I call it - "Oppa Gundam Style"

Nothing spectacular but this is it.... wish I can do a video but I am no videographer :-(

If time permit, I wish to do more of this using other figures in our collections....



  1. We are very much in Gungnam style here in Singapore! My colleagues were dancing in-front of me the other day. I'm more into Gundam Style @ the recent Gundam Expo SG 2012.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA... seriously some people are shameless... anyway is the kind of things that makes you laugh, absolutely nonsensical... but your Gundams posing like the people in the video are the top... this is the greatest digirama i have ever seen here !!! XDDDDD

  3. Honestlly this my first time hearing and watch this Gangnam Style ^^

    you make very good pose from those gundam too :D


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