Muscle Machines - SS Tuner - Nissan Sylvia S15 (2001)

This is a 1/64 scale die cast car model of Nissan Sylvia S15 (model year 2001) with many exciting add-on and modifications or simply "tuned version" produced by Funline Merchandise Co., Inc. from way back 2002 and I tend to believe that this company is now what we known as Maisto - thru merger and acquisition or maybe just become joint venture partner maybe - I don't know but it should be something like that.

The reason behind my theory is that if you Google the series "Muscle Machines" - you will finf this site = and from there I can see the logo of Maisto.

Nonetheless, never mind about that company name what ever it is, for now, let's have a look at this exciting car model...

The packaging;

And now, out of the packaging;

Painting finishing is very good, no doubt about it, as much as I would hope this would be nice in red color but the silver color is not bad either.

Exterior marking and detailing is equally impressive. All those decals added some eye-candy factor on the overall looks of the car. Although they don't use plastic parts for the head and tail lights, the decals sticker they use is looking quite good as well.

Brilliant looking chrome wheels, visible disc brake and rubber tires all round - excellent!!!!

Simple rear look but I like it that way, the aerodynamic spoiler certainly make this looks car a bit of a monster LOL... The use chrome color for the exhaust pipe and I love it a lot!!!

One of the most exciting features is the openable engine hood and we can see some "engine details" which is fantastic for a 1/64 scale car model;

The "engine" is surely look decent - at 1/64 it's hard to make it looks real but this is as good as it gets, I'm pretty please with what I see;

The interior sculpt and detailing is marvelous as well. It's not perfect but certainly one of the best I've seen so far for Japanese car at this scale. I love those sun roof....

This how it looks like down there underneath the chasis.... nicely detailed for a 1/64 scale model;

Side by side with the 1/64 Nissan Sylvia S15 from Aoshima;

Side by side with the 1/59 Nissan Sylvia S13 from Tomica Limited;

Judging from the scale, I guess different producer/manufacturer have different approach on how they designed and determined the scale size of their products... the 1/64 scale from Funline is surely a tad bigger than the rest but who care? I guess we love it to get a little bit bigger than those typical smaller 1/64 size right - more value to our money....

We happen to have this 1/64 scale of Initial D cars from Jada Toys, I guess it can be a perfect match to this 1/64 scale model from Funline;

Side by side with the 1/64 Mazda RX-7 FC3S from Jada Toys;

Apparently I did a little bit of simple customization work on that Mazda RX-7 FC3S. Originally, it was all white but at the end I applied the 2 tone panda color scheme (black and white) something like that popular Toyota Trueno AE86 from Initial D.

Overall, this is one of the best die cast car at 1/64 scale we reviewed here. Apart from missing openable door (which I don't really care much about actually), I love all the other features on this car model especially and mainly the openable engine hood with visible engine details. The painting finishing, exterior and interior detailing is brilliant and I just love it at first sight. I remember Johnny Lightning made some of the nice classic American muscle cars with openable engine hood and visible carburetor engine details and I love them a lot. On the other hand, Maisto also produce brilliant "customized" American muscle cars with a bit of modern touch on it and some of them do comes with openable doors and engine hood as well and again, I love them a lot. However, I have not seen any Japanese car models (with right hand steering wheel) from either Johnny Lightning or Maisto yet offering similar features and this is the first of it's kind that I just found out..... I'm so loving this car model a lot!!!!



  1. Seriously 'Fast & Furious' looking. Good details and decals. Nicer taken out of the card.

  2. so finally you had your "encounter of the third kind" with the Muscle Machines diecast ???... i have known them for a while but i had not the pleasure to own one of them until now... totally agree with you about the great details, pad printing and paint job !!!... this is the only american diecast brand with a solid asian tuned vehicles line, although its main line is the american Muscle Cars...

    on the other hand, i think Muscle Machines is more related with Greenlight or M2Machines since all of them are american brands (manufactured in China)... =)


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