Jada Toys - 1/64 Initial D - 5 in 1 Box Set - Mazda RX-7 FD3S Efini

This is the yellow Mazda RX-7 FD3S Efini of Keisuke Takahashi from Inital D anime series. This car is the first "victim" of Takumi Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 but even so, in Project D, this car is the main "uphill specialist" of the team. This particular model though is the one from the earlier stage of the anime.

In the anime, this car have been upgraded twice due to the some incidents that happens in one of their battle though eventually the upgrades are a welcome improvement need for Keisuke and his car to face a far more formidable opponents in the later stage.

Custom Parts (RedSuns) - Fujita Engineering FRP Lip(1st-2nd), Mazdaspeed A-Spec Spoiler Type II, MS-01 Rims (1st Stage-2nd Stage), MS 02 Rims (Battle Stage and 3rd Stage), Mazdaspeed Turbo Gauge, MazdaSpeed Suspension Kit, Mazdaspeed Muffler, Recaro Bucket Racing Seats, MazdaSpeed A-Spec Front Bumper(3rd Stage), Mazdaspeed Steering Wheel and RedSuns Sticker.

Custom Parts (Early Project.D) - MazdaSpeed Steering Wheel, MazdaSpeed Suspension Kit, MazdaSpeed Muffler, MazdaSpeed A-Spec Front Bumper Type II, MazdaSpeed MS-02(Black)Rims, MazdaSpeed Muffler, MazdaSpeed A-Spec Spoiler Type II, 2.0 MazdaSpeed Turbo Gauge, and Bucket Racing Seats

Custom Parts (Later Project.D) - RE Amemiya GT-AD Aerokit with Carbon Fiber Canards, RE Amemiya AD9 Hood, RE Amemiya Fixed HID Headlights, RE Amemiya GT II Wing, A'PEXi Power FC, RE Amemiya TA Dolphin Tail Muffler, RE Amemiya Quantum RS Coilovers, SSR Type C(Bronze)Rims, RE Amemiya AD Mirror Type 1, RE Amemiya Steering Wheel, 1.5 RE Amemiya Turbo Gauge, and Roll Cage

Painting finishing, external detailing and marking is very good. The brake/tail-lights are made of decal sticker but it looks pretty neat indeed.

The interior detailing is equally impressive as well;

Again, Jada Toys did pretty well in producing the die cast scale model of this car. I like everything that I see on this one.

Side by side with the senior FC3S Savana - together this pair made "The Rotary Twins of Akagi Red Suns";

And lastly now, we will look at the panda tone Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86, the main icon car of Initial D that suddenly become all the more popular after the broadcast of the anime and finally become one of the popular cars in those Drift Racing series. Click the link below;



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