Star Wars Saga Legends - Darth Maul

This is the typical 3.75 inch action figure of Darth Maul from the "Star Wars Saga Legends" toys series produced by Hasbro. I bought this particular figures and a few others Star Wars action figures from various other series about 2 years ago and then I just put them somewhere inside a box and forgot about it. Recently I found them again while doing some cleaning and re-organization and I guess it's time to give them their deserve review time at Shewsbury Land.

As a side note, the typical local standard price for this kind of action figures from Hasbro is SGD 20.00 (about USD 16.00 / EUR 12.80 / 1,255 Yen) though once in a blue moon when the big departmental store and supermarket chain do their usual "stock clearance sales" the price can go as low as SGD 8.00 (about USD 6.40 / EUR 5.10 / 502 Yen).

I wont waste time providing lots of info for this "Darth Maul" - you can just Google it or get more info from many of the Star Wars portal available from around the internet. Basically, Darth Maul is the bad guy in Star Wars Episode 1 and when it comes to close combat, he is really a skillful bad ass villain.

The packaging;

Out of the packaging, you will get all these extra stuff. I know that there are plenty of Star Wars figure collectors out there who love to keep their figures inside the packaging forever but in Shewsbury Land, there is no such things, we must take out the figures/toys from the packaging and fuck around with it LOL...

Those rifles and guns are totally not related to Darth Maul but it seems Hasbro is being nice by just providing those additional weapons as some sort of "freebies" and if you happen to have the previous classic version of the Star Wars action figures or any other action figures with similar scale produced by Hasbro, you can give that weapons to them.

I love the modern Star Wars action figures as Hasbro did improve the quality and variations of material they use for the product;

A little close up look on the details;

This "Star Wars" display base, I love it - you can put the action figure there with a simple standing pose;

The weapon.... 2 beam saber combined into some sort of beam spear.... or what ever they call it... but it looks cool;

Let's try remove that cloth or what ever it is:

Articulation is pretty decent though not perfect, the usual kneeling pose is not a problem;

Articulation on the arms/hands... this is when things become tricky or rather limited. No elbow articulation on the right arm/elbow but the "glove part" features twisting movement range;

Other than that, you also get the shoulder movement, front to back and vise versa;

On the right hand/elbow part its slightly different story.... I guess you can imagine it from the pictures below;

OK, finally now, it's action time;

Due to the limited shoulder and elbow joint design, not much I can think off but I guess it's still decent....

Overall, this is still a decent action figure of Darth Maul. Detailing and sculpt is nice and although the articulation is not wonderful but it's pretty far from bad either.



  1. i have seen some recent figures from the Star Wars franchise and the articulation has been improved noticeably as much as the other features... sometimes they are tempting, but at least in this case i can resist since the Star Wars collectibles are not in my list of preferred (unless i receive them as gifts HEHEHE)... this Darth Maul looks pretty much like the 3"3/4 Batman figure you published not so long ago, except that it has more accesories... =)

  2. Nice that you have not forgotten him after 2 years. Sometimes, I just don't know where I had put my toys. Gotto search high and low when I suddenly think of it.


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