Tomica - Morita Fire Fighting Ambulance

This is another birthday present I got from my staff and it's quite unique for me because I never heard of the concept of "fire fighting ambulance" which if I'm correct that means this ambulance is operated by the fire fighting rescue team instead of the usual medical team from the hospital.... or maybe I'm totally wrong about it as well... Japan is really amazing....

Oh well, let's just review this item. This is a die cast scale model of Morita Fire Fighting Ambulance produced by Takara Tomy under their popular "Tomica" series.

Painting finishing on this particular model is good and exterior detailing is not bad....

This is the "fire fighting" feature;

The most exciting features on this item is the openable door on the side;

I guess this is the "ambulance part" where they put the injured or the needy people for transportation to hospital.

That's about it... I think this ambulance is kind of fun....

Overall, this is a very nicely finished and detailed "Morita Fire Fighting Ambulance". I love the primary red and white color scheme, the exterior detailing is quite good and the openable side door to reveal some of the interior on the rear part is quite cool. As a birthday present, I think this is nice!!! I like it a lot.....

At the moment, I just put this ambulance somewhere near the Coca Cola truck on my display shelf as you can see below - eventually someday, I will put it back to the box to rest together with the other Tomica items that received similar treatment;



  1. are you trying to change my mind about Tomica ???... =P... this could be a good beginning... from what i see, Tomica makes a better job on trucks than on cars... great details and better paint job than usual, also the pad printing and the openable side door is very appealing, the red color looks a bit jazzy but i prefer that way... i really like this model, even to buy it, only for a decent price, but i think that’s not the case in my country... great gift pal !!! =)

  2. You must be a really popular guy with floods of birthday gift dude! Another score to your Tomica collection that will be inducted to your cars hall of frame. Nice packaging, details and fun mechanism.


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