Fourze Module Change Series 07 - Kamen Rider Fourze Cosmic States

The 7th form and action figure in Kamen Rider Fourze series - "FMCS (Fourze Module Change Series)." The figure is designed so that various modules can be attached and removed easily from his arms and legs, as seen on the live action show.

The figure itself is about the same size and weight as those from the S.H Figurarts series, but the joints are not as sophisticated for either movement or appearance, so it's slightly more "toy-like" than those from S.H Figurarts series but it is nonetheless a very posable figure with a nice finish. In fact, if you compared to similar product class from the previous Kamen Rider series as listed below, the detailing and finishing part on the figure shows quite an improvement, they "eye" part is now almost equivalent to those from S.H Figurarts series;

1) Kamen Rider OOO - OOO Combo Change (OCC)
2) Kamen Rider W - W Form Change (WFC)
3) Kamen Ride Decade - Final Form Rider (FFR)

And of course, since this Fourze guy use lots of modules and gadgets, you can expect a mountain of modules for it! This set comes with the Fourze figure in his blue "cosmic states" as well as the Board Module, Giant Foot module, Gyro module and Cosmic module with Barizun Sword. These modules can be used with the other figures in the series, too....

Evidently, we in Shewsbury Land is quite a fan for Kamen Rider series and so far Kamen Rider OOO is our top favorite of the bunch and I have to admit that even so, we are somehow not really excited when it comes to Kamen Rider Fourze - the supposedly main icon for th 40th Anniversary of Kamen Rider series....

However, I felt that this particular form/figure - the Cosmic States is seems to be interesting and I do like it a lot if compared to the previous "states" that we reviewed before.... some of them, I don't even bother to do the review coz when I look at the figure, my feeling is... sigh.....

So for now, let's review this "Fourze Module Change Series 07 - Kamen Rider Fourze Cosmic States"

First the box;

At the back of the box here, I can see something like 40th anniversary of Kamen Rider and the 40 gadgets (or rather modules) of Kamen Rider Fourze;

Out of the box;

You will get all these stuff;

The figure;

The Barizun Sword module, 2 unit of them in it's 2 forms of "Cosmic Module - Barizun Sword Boost Mode" and "Cosmic Module - Barizun Sword Slash Mode". In fact in the TV series, it's just only 1 Barizun Sword, by right, the Boost Mode can transform into the Slash Mode accordingly but instead of creating a Barizun Sword that can do the transformation, Bandai decided to give 1 unit for each mode.

The Board Module - well, basically like those sea surfing or ski board thingy;

Gyro Module - some sort of gadgets that can make Fourze fly like a helicopter and lastly you cannot miss that Giant Foot Module which I imagine can be useful to perform the traditional "Kamen Rider Kick";

Let's have a look at the figure;

As I mentioned earlier, this so called toy figure with gimmick have improved detailing and finishing especially on the eye part;

Some additional close up look on the Fourze Cosmic States body;

Lot's of number there, in a way, this reminded me of the Final Form of Kamen Rider Decade. Those numbers are basically representing the modules or gadgets that Fourze can use during his battle. Each gadgets or modules have its own number, for example, the Board Module is No. 34, the Gyro Module is No. 37, the Gianfoot Module is No. 35 and so on.... so basically he can just pick any numbers he like and the corresponding gadgets/module will appear and can be used by him.... just like that...

Articulation is pretty good, the usual kneeling pose is not a problem;

And no harm for us to show some other action pose;

OK, let's have a look at the weapons or gadgets/modules, first this "Cosmic Module - Barizun Sword Boost Mode"

Looks pretty weird as a sword.... but hey, it is a sword, live with it...

Next is this "Cosmic Module - Barizun Sword Slash Mode";

Looks more like those hand chain saw rather than a sword.... oh well... what ever...

As I mentioned earlier, in fact in the TV series, it's just only 1 Barizun Sword, by right, the Boost Mode can transform into the Slash Mode accordingly but instead of creating a Barizun Sword that can do the transformation, Bandai decided to give 1 unit for each mode:

The Gyro Module or in a way you can call it "helicopter blade" LOL;

Just like the actual helicopter blade, that green thing thing can really spin but it's pretty hard for me to show it here;

So I guess this is how Fourze use it;

The Board Module..... without further guessing I think we can assume that he will use this for free surfing on the air, water, wall or on the ground;

Last but not least, the Giant Foot Module.... I think surely to perform the "Kamen Rider Kick"

Well.... that's about it... surely the gadgets or module this time around is kind of enormously fun, I like it a lot.

Overall, this is a nice toyish action figure and I always prefer to this kind of action figure rather than those from S.H. Figuarts simply because this one have plenty of extras and somehow still have decent articulation and action pose ability. The finishing and detailing is quite good - I think its a great value for money.



  1. so instead open up sword they gave you 2 types :(
    seems time for me get an fourze's merchandise


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