Figma Irisviel Von Einzbern

This is Figma Irisviel Von Einzbern, a character from the popular anime Fate/Zero, produced by Max Factory.

Irisviel is the main heroine of the story, the mother of Illyasviel von Einzbern and Kiritsugu's wife. She is a homunculus prototype created by the Einzbern family with the idea of giving birth to an ultimate homunculus. Like many of the Einzberns, she is skilled in alchemy. Irisviel serves as Saber's proxy Master, since Kiritsugu believes that he and Saber are incompatible. Her true purpose in the War is as the vessel of the Holy Grail itself. When six or more Servants are killed, she will manifest the Grail, losing her humanity and sense of self in the process. Despite this, she remains committed to Kiritsugu, believing that his goals are worth the sacrifice.

And now, let have a look at this item.... first the box;

Out of the box;

You will get all these stuff;

The figure of Irisviel von Einzbern;

The standard Figma stand, 2 extra face expression;

Extra hands and a stunningly rendered wire bird;

Let's have a close look at the figure;

Clothing sculpt is exactly as what we see in the anime though actually not much to highlight as the clothing design and cuttings are pretty simple;

The 2 extra face expression;

Articulation is quite good but it has to be noted that due to the skirt design, this figure can't really do the usual kneeling pose. Anyway, you can still do pretty much many other action pose that you can think off with this figure;

The wire bird look nice, in fact its kind of in "invisible" mode. However, I do have complains on this bird because the wings feels a little lousy and tend to fall apart from the body. Furthermore, it can be challenging to attached this bird onto the posing arm of the Figma stand, they tend to fall down which is quite annoying. Anyway, I managed to solve all those problem by applying the "white glue" and make them all feel more sturdy and better;

Overall, apart from my own desire to collect all available Figma from the Fate/Stay Night and/or Fate/Zero anime, actually there is nothing extremely superlative to mentioned about this particular Figma. The sculpt is fine, I am lucky that on this particular unit there is no damages or inconsistencies in finish and painting that affect this unit so at the end I'm happy with it. I like the character in the anime and just as it is in the anime, this character have no weapon what so ever apart from that wire bird and that's about it.



  1. it’s a pretty simple figure i must say, but nice again, i mean, not many accessories (i love accessories, the more the better)... what i find very interesting is the transparent bird, is very nicely detailed and sculpted !... =)

  2. I love the eagle. The figure quite good looking too. LOL

  3. The figure is very sweet only that the accessories seems lacking.


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