Thursday, March 08, 2012

TRD Crown S180 Junichiro Custom

As I mentioned in the review of Takara Tomy Toyota Crown from the link below;

I personally dislike the dark green color scheme and thus I decided to do some customization on that car and this is now the final result... I named this customized version as "TRD Crown S180 Junichiro Custom" - tuned by "Tsuchiya Keiichi" and "Kitami Jun" ^__^

I changed the color from dark green to pure black and I put some TRD decals to make it more horny LOL....

And oh... I also changed the tires/wheels... I stole these tires/wheels from another die cast car at around similar scale;

This is how the original tires/wheels looks like;

I also put a Toyota decal at the back here;

And that's about it....

My painting finishing works aren't perfect either for this particular car (well, I never did anything perfect anyway) but I don't give a damn about it... it's done and it's black, the way I want it to be and I'm happier now... simple as that.


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  1. uhmmm... some people need some good manners classes... not me, neither you... HAHAHAHA... leaving aside my criticize about your paint work, i think there was an improvement in the look of this almost generic familiar sedan... i mean, i looks more like a Mercedes E Class, more sporty, which is great !!!... i dunno if i would do a customization in any of my diecast, but i begin to think about it more and more... =)