Revoltech Iron Man Mk. III

When Larry King asked Bruce Wayne what would he be if he is not Batman, Bruce Wayne calmly answered that he would want to be either the pervert blogger David John Shewsbury or Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man....

Bruce Wayne said he admired both of them simply because they have terminal cancer problem and yet they are living such a carefree life... as bonus, David John Shewsbury have many of those secret love affairs with this and that women at the same time while Tony Stark have the pretty Pepper Potts to keep his erection going.....

Nonetheless, this is another action figures of Iron Man produced by Kaiyodo under their Sci-Fi Revoltech action figure series.

Released recently, as at the day of this review, this item still available from HLJ thru the link below:

The box;

I personally love the box art and the design, pretty impressive;

Out of the box;

You will get all these stuff;

The action figure;

2 pairs of extra hands, character name plate, the head of Tony Stark (Robert Downie Jr.) and the yellow box for you to put all the stuff inside so that you don't lose them.... you can also put some unused condoms in there if you want ^__^

As usual.... first, let's have a look at this figure;

A little bit of close up look on the overall sculpt and detailing;

My impression about the sculpt and detailing is that live without sex is challenging, in other words, it's quite impressive and I think Kaiyodo Revoltech and Matsumoto Eiichiro did a great job on it.

Articulation wise, it's not really extra ordinary but it's pretty impressive and we are happy with it. The usual kneeling post is not a problem and we also did a few more action pose as you can see below;

And to some of you who wonder if this guy can stand straight.... hope this will answer your question;

The main features of this figure and possibly the main reason why we (and maybe many of you out there) wanted to get this action figure is that light on the chest - using the typical coin battery type;

First you need to removed this plastic cover;

After that use this On/Off switch;

And below are some photos we have to show the lightning thingy.... to be honest its not really that powerful;

The second additional features or rather "bonus features" of this figure is the head of Tony Stark (Robert Downie Jr.)

Now it's action pose time;

Last but not least... complain time.....

OK, first and foremost, based on our experienced reviewing many types of action figures, we do know what to expect from Revoltech and so far almost everything that we have predicted about this particular figure are correct. Nonetheless, there are some element of surprise that made me really angry about this particular item.

OK, the not so bad problem is this shoulder armor part - easily loose.....

However, this can easily be fixed using our favorite life saver - the white glue;

And now, the real devil that made me so pissed off.... I mean really fucking angry with the factory staff especially the quality control manager/officer.... the terrible painting job finishing.... it seems that they don't apply enough top coat to protect the paint.... fucking asshole!!!!!

Look at these few ugliness that we spotted on this figure.... again, fucking asshole!!!!!

Seriously, so far we in Shewsbury Land always lucky to get the good stock and this is the first time ever we get this kind of bad stock.... and I do seriously hope that this ugliness only happen on this particular unit and not on most of the other units released by the factory.... coz if that is the case, fucking hell... Kaiyodo need to do something about their quality control in the factory. We have quite a number of figures from Revoltech series and so far this is the worst of them all in terms of painting problem.... fucking asshole!!!!

And due to this problem, at the end we decided to get rid of this Iron Man immediately. We sold it to one of the local collectors at cheap price SGD 30.00 (USD 24.00).... sorry Tony, we don't want a bastard child!!! Get the fuck out of Shewsbury Land.....

Overall, this seems to be a promising action figure but this particular unit that we received is simply "a stupid fucking asshole" and we hate it so much. Trying to be positive, this is one of the best action figure of Iron Man Mk. III with reasonable price that comes with impressive packaging and box art, good articulation, great light up gimmick plus an added bonus of extra head of Tony Stark/Robert Downie Jr.

Then again, this particular unit is so "fucked up".... damn it!!!! I sincerely hope that this is a "rare case". We have lot's of love and respect for Iron Man movies simply because of Gwyneth Paltrow and we believe that this figure deserved to get all the respect it should get but the lousy quality of this particular unit that we received is really annoying.

I have no problem to recommended this figure to any Iron Man fans or to any action figure fans in general, I just hope that you will get a good stock.



  1. Accessories-wise, the Ironman Mk-VI has all the required effects (blaster and taking-off) parts.

    On the plus side, at least they used the same knee design like Warmachine, as the Mk-VI's one looks a bit off in some poses.

    Regarding the chipped paint, got some of those also for my Mk-VI, due to the metalized paint.

  2. poor quality control is the real public enemy nowadays for many collectors around the world.... sigh.... we plan to get another one of this from the local hobby shop if they allowed me to inspect the figure before I buy... I cannot tolerate such annoyance, the factory should foresee this painting issue and take steps to improved it.

  3. I hate paint chip but hey, it can be battle worn. LOL

  4. one of my fellows collector got one of these Iron Man Revoltech figures (i don’t remember which one specifically, since there are 3 versions available) and although it seemed to me a nice figure i didn’t fall in love with the paint job (by the way, not as bad as this one you published...)

    i’m pretty sure it was another case of release-as-soon-as-we-can-and-to-the-heck-with-the-QC and the glossy finish paint jobs are more vulnerable... great idea, bad execution, there is no comparison with other Revoltech figures, like those based on the Pixar/Disney’s movies... =(

  5. No doubt on Revoltech's reputation on making ultra posable figure and this Ironman has got what you need integrated in one. The size of the figure had also scale up compared to past release which I a prefer more. Awesome review of the toy.

  6. awww..
    even with bad paints, I would have bought it at that price you sold it..
    this is easily the only ironman I wanted from the revoltech line, just because there are no cheap, good MK-III's out there.(except for this one, which is just delightful)

  7. i love this reiew. very honest, where others try to paint this prize pig as a blue ribbon winner. thank you for sharing honest comments. i passed on this because of the hands; the wrist plate is on the end of the arm instead of the wrist where it belongs. thanks for confirming how crappy this figure is.


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