1/72 Real X - 1978 Nissan Fairlady 280 Z-T (Real X Fairlady Histories Collection 2nd)

Continuing our review for this "1/72 Real X Fairlady Histories Collection 2nd", now we will look at the "1978 Nissan Fairlady 280 Z-T" also known as Datsun 280Z

A little bit of information about this car from Wikipedia:

In a further effort to keep the S30 models sporting in the face of increasingly stringent U.S. emission and safety requirements, Nissan Motors released the Datsun 280Z model for the U.S. market in the 1975 model year. Both the 2-seat coupe and 2/2 (2+2) hatchback models remained available throughout the 1975–78 model year run of the 280Z.

For the 280Z, engine size was again increased, this time to 2.8 L, by enlarging the bore of the L26 engine to create the L28, and a reliable Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection system was added.

1975 and 1976 models continued to be fitted with the Federally required 5 mph (8.0 km/h) crash test bumpers that were introduced for the mid-1974 model year of the 260z. These bumpers were smooth surfaced, and blended into smooth black rubber extensions as they met the body of the car. 1977 and 1978 models received bumpers with recessed channels added to the faces of the bumpers themselves, that blended into corrugated or accordion style black rubber extension trim. Also new for the 1977 model year, 280Zs no longer received the full size spare tire, and instead had a "space saver" spare and a larger fuel tank. This resulted in a raised rear deck area made of fiberboard, reducing cargo space. In 1977–78 an optional 5-speed manual transmission was available along side the 4-speed manual, and the 3-speed automatic options, which included a "5-speed" emblem on the left bottom edge of the rear hatch. 1977 also saw an update from the charcoal painted hubcap style (with a chrome Z floating in the amber center emblems) to a hubcap that resembled an alloy wheel, bearing a center cap with a chrome Z floating in a black circle.

In 1977 and 1978 respectively, Datsun offered two special edition models. The "Zap" edition was offered in 1977 as a "Special Decor Package". Zap cars were finished in Sunshine Yellow paint, and sported black stripes down the center and sides, with yellow, red, and orange chevrons at the front ends of the stripes. An estimated 1,000 "Zap Z" cars were offered in 1977. The "Zap Z" model was also used as the pace car in the 1977 Long Beach Gran Prix. The Black Pearl edition (produced in 1978) came with Black Pearlescent paint and a "Special Appearance Package" (SAP), which consisted of dual racing mirrors, rear window louvers, and a unique red and silver stripe. It is estimated that between 750-1,500 of these cars were produced.

The S30 series was replaced in 1979 by the S130 Nissan Fairlady 280ZX / Datsun 280ZX.

Now, let's have a look at this car;

This miniature version features a nice emblem markings, realistic looking rubber tires and wheels, other exterior details and painting finishing are quite remarkable as well. Furthermore, since this one comes in red color, its not surprising that this is my most favorite.

Look at those front lights... it's made of plastic to give it some sort of realistic looks instead of just using paintings like what other brand did;

Fairlady emblem on the side there:

I love those "realistic looking" brake lights ^__^

This model comes with right hand steering wheel in accordance to Japanese/British style;

Overall, we are quite happy with this car. The painting finishing and the exterior detailing of the car is quite impressive, in fact, I personally think that the overall quality is better than those from Tomica Limited, the only catch is that the size is slightly smaller than those typical 1/64 scale. The interior detailing, from what I can see, is also quite good. The display base with the car's name and model printed on it is a nice added bonus.



  1. i think that a proper comparison for this model would be with something of Tomytec, Kiosho, Norev or Altaya-Ixo as far as i know, specially for the clear/colored plastic of the head and rear lights and the wheels/rims design (also comparable with those by Johnny Lightning)... this is by far the more familiar model of Nissan/Datsun for me and for the western market... =)

  2. This car is a bit too vintage for me to appreciation. I would like newer Fairlady. The series provided a good documentation in terms of toys collection of Nissan Fairlady.

  3. Just managed to get me one of these and to be pedantic and nerdy I must disagree with both of the above. Real-X cant really compare to Tomy who scale to box and produce toys rather than adult collectables. Norev and Altaya produce very few cars especially classic sports cars in this scale, and scale is most important in my collection. I would say Hongwell, Schuco (often same castings) and if one likes a nice model but can live the scale the 1/76 Offerings of Exotic vehicles By Oxford, OK a lot less but there are some. Kyosho are nice, I also have 1/72 sports cars branded as "Georgia" - Classic Mercedes and some lovely Lambos branded Space again 1/72. Theres also a Ferrari collection which is often unbranded. However Real-X usually knock spots off all of these.

    As for the Fairlady well any car nerd will tell you that there are only 3 that matter, the original Z cars. 240Z 260Z and this wee beauty the 280Z. Get yourself a Mk1 Celica Fastback and a Toyota 2000GT and you have IMHO the 5 most beautiful Japanese cars ever built.

    Nice write up and great pics of this cracking model car thanks. I will now look at what else you have.
    Cheers DB


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