Site Meter & Feedjit

We wish to give our special appreciation and thanks to both Site Meter ( and Feedjit ( for their wonderful service and support to Shewsbury Land.

From January 2, 2011 to January 2011, Shewsbury Land managed to get only 65,061 visits (previous year it was only 49,180 ). Our target was 30,000 so I guess we are quite happy with the result. Nothing much to be bragged about though we are thankful and quite happy to somehow reach to this level and see the improvement.

Once a while I love to review and analyzed the statistic data for fun sake and understanding the flow of traffic accordingly. Its not really something important but quite fun to do - once a while.

As for the year of 2011 we hope to get 40,000 visits - Its a small target and of course naturally we hope to get more beyond that.

Thank you all for your support...



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